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  1. Which is better, or whats the real difference? Does anyone know why you can wash the wash off but the cream has to stay on? Just seems logical that if they did the same the wash would be the more convienent one, which kinda makes me think there must be some kind of difference.
  2. I tried the 10% on my face today and it burned real bad. I aint got the guts to go the long haul with the 10% on my face as it might just worsen. I guess that is and will always be the beauty of bacne to face acne, no body gets to see it if its real bad. Gonna go back to the normal 2.5 and just keep going, it does keep it at bay most of the time.
  3. Hi folks, I used to have really really bad bacne until i started to use 10% BP on it , after about 2 weeks it cleared it near completely. All i did was basically rub it in once a day and in around 14 days my back was near clear, it was totally amazing. I havent had to use it on my back for a good few weeks now as i am guessing the BP must have dried all my skin up, although if it comes back i will have to use it again. I however, still have a lot of spots on my face and i normally use 2.5% BP
  4. Hi folks, i have been an ance sufferer for about 7 years over this time i have tried and bought everything and anything even B5 and Accutane. I am currently 21 years old and whilst my acne is not as bad as it was a few years ago it still brakes out when i dont treat it properly. Currently i use BP once a day and normal Dove sensitive soap, i also moisturise. Following along the regimen lines i manage to stay fairly spot free but not compleatly. However i have a major problem aside from the acne
  5. Mr X


    DAY 70 Alrite guys, Well i would love to tell you and even more so myself that after 70 days of B5 i am close to being acne free, however, this is not the case. My skin is still pritty bad, yesterday i had a brake out of 5 quite big spots on the left side of my cheek with a big spot on the lower half of my right side. My back hasnt gotten better either and its still really bad and sore at times. I am worried that B5 might be making my skin worse altho it has never really been ever good for the
  6. Mr X


    DAY 64 Well now 4 days into the final 3rd and i have to admit i would be lying if i said i hadnt noticed some improvement. Over the past 4 days i have also been drinking a fair bit but my skin hasnt really gotten any worse. The two cists are almost gone and there isnt really any new brakeouts to talk about. I have noticed about 3 very very small pimples on my right and left cheeks but i would be hopeful that they will clear soon. There is still a lot of old acne which isnt great but it could be
  7. Hey Teplo your progress on the initial before and after picture is absolutly amazing, i have to say well done, just goes to show what commitment can do. I was just wondering how long have you been on the whole program for?
  8. Mr X


    DAY 60 Ok now i am heading into the final 3rd i have decided to stop BP twice a day and only using it sparingly when required, i have also decided to stop using the scrub. My skin today is still bad, its very very red and dry and still has a lot of spots on the forehead area which have been there a while now. One of the two cists seems to be going down which is a good thing and a few other spots around my face seem to be getting under controll. I never noticed until today how bad the side of my
  9. Oh and the castor oil will make you vomit.
  10. Hey Bedrock What is the actual programme then, is it just a case of only eating apples for 3 days?
  11. Mr X


    DAY 59 Woke up today and saw that things once again have worsened. I have 2 large type cists on either side of my nose which look horrible and painful and actually are horrible and painful. I havent had a lot of new brakeouts on my forehead recently however, the spots are still there from an old brakeout which obvioulsly makes it look bad. My face is also patchy red too.
  12. http://www.acnefreein3days.com/ Does anyone know what is involved in this treatment, seems utterly far fetched, so far fetched infact that i dont think many folk would actually buy it.
  13. Mr X


    DAY 58 Skin still looking fairly bad, the 2 big spots are still there and most of the other spot are still stubornly removing to budge. I just got a delivery of 2 more Evo X bottles today which should more than tide me over the 90 day requirement. Skin is also looking red. So thus far after 58 days of B5 i have a red face full of spots but its only day 58 and i guess i aint even 2/3rds the way through yet, so fingures crossed.
  14. Mr X


    DAY 57 Skin is not looking as good as yesterday as i know have 3 new small spots on my cheek followed by two big ones on the otherside. There are also still a lot of spots remaining from prior brakeouts which are looking really stubborn to move. As is clear i am now on day 57 and approaching the 2 months mark, i ordered more B5 evo X the other day to tide me over to the 90 days, i guess the next few weeks are gonna be the real test and i guess i will just have to wait and see.
  15. Mr X


    DAY 56 Skin once again isnt looking any worse, slight improvements can be noted which is at least something. If improvement continues however, i will be at cross roads with what is creating it , ie either the cream and scrubs or the B5, or perhaps both. The problem being that all this is a fairly costly thing and i dont think i could keep up buying scrubs, BP and B5 forever.