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  1. The best oral treatment i've every used is a teaspoon of cod liver oil (around 5000 IU's of vitamin A I think) taken with Coconut Oil (on toast). I certainly notice a major difference for the better when taken at the same time a the coconut oil. And it wasn't the fish oil aspect working as normal fish oil break me out bad, and I tried a reduced vitamin A cod liver oil taken with coconut oil and got no results. However, after a couple months the vitamin A started giving me some side effects (we'l
  2. Helps me a ton too, even at only 4,000 IU. I won't say it destroys acne (i'll still get a small spot or two if I eat the wrong things), but it completely changes the color of my skin where there's no redness or inflammation at all, no dryness at all, and seb derm is reduced by like 70% if I had to put a number on it. It doesn't stop oil production, but the oil feels completely different on your skin...alot softer and lighter feeling. However, after a few months i've had to stop because I sudde
  3. FWIW, I pretty much agree with you. Keep us updated.
  4. I get one or two itchy bumps on my cheekbone/under eye if I take pretty much any pro-biotic (only one I don't get it with is pearls). The two specific ones that give me this are Natrens and some other one by Enzymedica. Not small bumps either , it's hard to explain. It's not actually a pimple...it's just sort of weepy hive. Again though, that's just me and i'd assume 99% of people aren't like me. I've tested it multiple times...it appears by that night whenever I take it and stays if I continue.
  5. How many beers did you have? Were you taking water-soluble vitamins to replace the ones lost? What was your additional water-intake looking like? -It's happened numerous times. The fewest beers I had was 2 and still got a noticeable amount. Then i've also had a ton (8) and obviously it was worse. -Uh...Vitamin C at the time, yes. B-Complex, no. Sorry, haven't read the whole thread if you are referring to some other one. - I always drink plenty throughout the day. Probably only had a
  6. I get tons of little red bumps on my forehead from beer. They never come to a head and usually take like 4 days to die down. Just looks completely congested. But I don't get this from the hard stuff (vodka, whiskey etc.)..
  7. I just meant in terms of breakouts. Way earlier in the thread you said you weren't sure if it was causing anything and I was just wondering.
  8. AcneJean, what was your final verdict on the sunbutter? OK or do you think it was bad?
  9. Cod Liver is the only thing that works good for me. Carlson's lemon liquid gave me a bunch of tiny whiteheads under around my mouth that almost looked like some weird rash. The pills made my back break out like crazy (same reaction I get to cheese). Flaxseed was terrible. I still will break out from trigger foods and fats that don't agree with me (probably leaky gut), but Cod Liver oil really makes a difference in terms of skin appearance/smoothness, redness, and dandruff/seb derm reduction wi
  10. Obviously it's recommended for leaky gut, but whenever I would do searches on google it seemed like majority of the people said it caused them bad acne problems instead of solved it. So I was kind of confused, since in theory it should be great, but was doing the opposite to many people. Nice to see it work for you.
  11. before a shower, poor a ton of jojoba oil in your hands, rub it all around your face to get all of the dead skin off, and then get some white napkins and gently blot all of the oil away until its all gone/ then hop in the shower and do your normal routine (using nothing that will really dry things out). Sugar and baking soda always made it worse for me
  12. It's going to be a long while still yet. As the time nears, Dan will post an announcement when the new version will be ready. Any way to elaborate on "long while"? Like a month or two, or like 6 months-year? Thanks
  13. From what I know, the only thing they do that with is the Green Pepper and Onions side.