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  1. your scars will revert back to exactly the way it was. sorry bud, but that is just the way things go with lasers. don't bother sharing the doc details so prematurely. give it a good 2-3 months before judging your results.
  2. The pain was pretty tolerable with all the numbing cream. It felt like a 6/10. No pain whatsoever after the procedure. The worst part is just looking like a freak of nature. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. FML. Day 3 Pics. Excuse my bad hair day as I haven't showered since Friday As you can see my skin has already started peeling, and these photos were taken before I washed my face, so it looks even better right now.
  3. Hey guys, Today i just got a laser combination treatment for my acne scars. I basically have all of my scarring on my temples and cheeks which are mostly boxscars, and a old chicken pox scar in between my eyebrows. I'll spare you guys the long storey of my acne scarring struggle and just get straight to the treatment. Today I just had my first round of Micro Laser Peel + Fractionated Laser Resurfacing. Both lasers are made by the same manufacturer called Sciton. The Fractionated laser they use
  4. It works. Thanks for the degreasing tip!!!
  5. Hey guys, I have bought some 100% TCA cross online, and I am having trouble getting my scars to frost. Has anyone had this issue before? I have tried doing this three times, and each time it is the same. I had bought two different TCA solutions online. So I am thinking it has to be technique. I dipped the tooth pick into the 100% TCA solution for over a minute and then i applied it to the scar for 10 seconds, and repeated several times on the same scar, and still no significant frosting. What
  6. Wow results after only a few days? Get the fuck outta here. Come back after 12 months when all the fucking micro-swelling subsides.
  7. To all the fools who think that these are good results. IT IS ALL FUCKING MICRO SWELLING. That is not results! The doctor taking the after photos is deceiving piece of shit. He fucking knows that their scars will go back to their original form once the swelling fully subsides. Lasers are, and always will be shit.
  8. The Fraxel:restore is the biggest waste of money. That doc is a fucking idiot. He's talking out of his ass. People barely pull 40% results with the Fraxel:repair. And this clown said you can get 50% results with a non-ablative laser!!!!!? He's a fucking quack. Tell him to fuck himself. I speak from experience as I have done 4 rounds of the Fraxel:restore with ZERO results. Literally the biggest regret of my life.
  9. Be patient, and just wait and see how your skin looks in 6 months. You still look great with or without scars.
  10. Your expectancy of scarless healing will change, yet again, when the human trials for Hydrogel do not go as planned.
  11. It will end when scarless healing is a reality, so maybe another 40 or 50 years. Either then or when we all get sick of waiting. I think our sun would give out first before humans actually figure out a vaccine for the ambiguous pimple.
  12. I should feel lucky that I actually live 5 mins away from Dr. Matta's office lol. Anyways, I saw Dr. Matta last year in September, but I didn't opt for any procedures because I really didn't want to invest money into any new procedures that would take time to see results. I was sick of wasting money on all the disappointing treatments I have undergone over the years. I ended up getting a Perlane filler injection from my old Derm with so-so results. Now, I am back and planning on seeing D
  13. I am aware of Hydrogel. Maybe I should have clarified my last post for a dimwit like yourself. I only consider progress when there is something that actually works, and something that is available today for everyone around the world. Until then, there is nothing to be excited about. Maybe you should take a little break from the forums because you seem to have an unhealthy obsession over this topic. There is empirical and 'scientific evidence' of a material that degrades rapidly and c
  14. It's very sad to see that there is still no progress for scarless healing yet. Our generation is completely fucked. Sorry for the negativity, but it is what it is.