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  1. I am 48 and just found a great cream made of sulpher at the local RITE-AID next to the Clearisil. It works fabulous on zits and redmarks--so much better than any benzoil peroxide that make your pimples so red (old marks get redder on that stuff!) This is even better than the zinc oxide I was using! It is called ADULT ACNOMEL and sells for 10 dollars. Please try it!!. I am now staying away from all shampoos with conditioner (PERT,Themasilk, Head and Shoulders too!) that contain dimethicone wh
  2. I will post note and please get back to me if you have heard of a new ointment made of sulphur that is sold at Rite-Aid. It is called ADULT ACNOVEL. I am 48 and I have NEVER found a cream that works like this. This is BETTER than zinc oxide for redness. It is better than Clearsil because it doesn't make your zits so red they look worse. PLease anyone, their 800 number is 800-331-0221 (It is on the tube so I am just passing it on if no one can find it!) I am sure the company won't mind. It's
  3. This is my latest discovery. The ingredient Dimethicone is really "silicon oil" used now in "oil-free" makeups as a smoothing ingredient. I have stopped using all of my make-up as I read it was in ALL of the make-ups at the local drugstore- (Neutrogena Oil-Free compact makeup even had it!!) Then, I was wondering why my back was breaking out (at my late age) after switching to Thermasilk and Pert with Conditioner in it. Here, both have dimethicone in them as well where as before I was using Pre
  4. Hi--somebody wrote about staying away from yeast products (any raised bread) and mushrooms but I can't find the post. I am 48 and having skin problems again so am avoiding yeast products and dairy which he also mentioned. I am avoiding ALL of my make-ups which I discovered contain dimethicone. ( I posted this discovery Tues) Dimethicone is silicon oil!!! Even the Jane oil-free and Neutrogena oil-free have it in it so the makeup goes on smoother!! I couldn't figure this out until I used the s
  5. Hi--just wanted to say I found a capsule of zinc oxide opened up and put in water (I get the 50 mg capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe) helps redness and healing. I was afraid to use the zinc oxide creams because they have petrolatum as a base.
  6. What is the 302 product line? I have one indentation that seems to get bigger as I age. I had a silicon injection for a deep frown line (this is more permanent than collagen). It may help with this indentation. I am going to the doc to have it done tomorrow and will let you know.
  7. Hey--just wanted to let anyone who uses make-up and face creams that they are now using dimethicone (silicon oil) as a smoother. Even the oil free make-ups are using it including Neutrogena's oil free. This is in many sunsceens too and it has other similar names for similar forms of it all ending with "icone". I used oil-free neutrogen for years and all in the suddent my face broke out because they added this to it. It is also in the scar reduction creams so watch out!!
  8. sorry, I am new to this. Are we drinking vinegar or are we applying it?
  9. I noticed that too about the emu oil. It didn't do a thing for my red marks either. Salicytic acid made them worse and definitely the BP creams and washes made them red. Unfortunately, BP makes your skin very sensitive and the red marks seem more visible. As I mentioned the other day, I found a green cream (a high retinol cream) on this website someone shared the address,(lindasy.com). I ordered a sample size and also a sample of the flesh colored zinc oxide as a cover-up. This stuff is nic
  10. hang in there!! i just read about hormonal acne on this site. You may want to check into this spironlactone which minimizes the testosterone production. Since my insurance doesn't pay for acne related products I am trying the herb saw- palmetto for this. (I'm in my forties and still having occasional cysts!) Anyway-you need to search hard for a good old fashioned derm who will take you in immediately and lance these cysts. I am in Phila and have someone who is just that. No waiting for the p
  11. Angeli--thanks for the info. I am 48 now and had a tca peel last winter. My hormonal acne is flaring up again. I think the tca peel has stimulated some of the deep layers of my skin and my face has been breaking out for about six months now with no help from all the OTC products either. I am trying this new green cream (high retinol available without a presciption) that is nice and has helped. At 48 my insurance won't pay for acne related products so I am stuck. Anyway--I started saw palmetto
  12. Hi again anyone--I am finally able to get my messages to post. I am 47 now and have had acne off and on for what seems forever. I am so sorry to hear of the horrible truama it has caused all of you. We need to get some in person support groups going here to share ideas and support. Anyway, as I was saying...what I have found triggers my acne is anything that stimulates the male hormone in the body. Iodine is some salts (you HAVE to buy the UNIODIZED salt put out by Morton and other companie
  13. HI- I hope this message goes through cause it's my first time on here. Has anyone heard of the connection of Iodine to acne??