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  1. Hey Finally after many years Accutane have cured my acne. My dose was 40mg and I was on the medicine for 4 months. Here two months after the end of my course I have absolutely no acne whatsoever! Just wanted to drop by and show that I am one of those people cured by Accutane Even though Accutane is a serious drug that has potential for some serious side effects, I will recommended this drug as a way to "a better life". Yes I know that some of you didn't have a great experience with the drug,
  2. To Sheefa: How long was your accutane duration, and how high was the dose?
  3. Well there is no point in being worried, you just have to think about the consequences of your choice. Like I said before every drug has side effects, by looking at the side effects and after a talk with you derm you can make the choice. You have to see the big picture with pros/cons... To the guys with the bad side effects, you were properly on a very high dose?
  4. I am sorry to hear what has happened to you! But try to put your own experience with Accutane "away" and look at the bigger picture. 1 to 100.000 experience the worst side effects, and I have personally talked to about 10-15 people that have taken Accutane and it worked wonders for them. Yes Accutane has some disturbing side effects, but there are risks with all medications!
  5. Close to my third month on 40mg a day. My IB lasted two weeks, and after a month I started seing significant results in my skin. Now I have flawless skin but with some redness, and very mild s side effects. Really glad that I went on Accutane!
  6. ....Moderator edit - removed two quotes that were made invisible.... Well I can tell you that I know for a fact a family member of mine taking the drug in the start of the 1980's, was warned about the side effects...she finished that course and acne has never returned And to Nick you can't blame it on yourself, some people (1 to 10.000 are prone to very serious side effects, not 1 to one billion) have been destroyed by Accutane. What I understand from these boards is that 99% of the people h
  7. Well if the site seems trustworthy, and matches you economical I can't see the problem. Medication in the USA is very expensieve compared to my country...
  8. Damn Accutane is expensieve in the US and A! 30 days on 40mg, cost me 30 $ I Enjoy having the best welfare system in the world
  9. Well Accutane can cause depression, that is a fact. As I have read on my papers I received from my derm, a serious depressio is 1 out of 100.000 that experiences it. Even though considering you took Accutane and work in a medical laboratory, I can't truly believe that you had your serotonin level checked prior Accutane, what for? check this article out: http://ezinearticles.com/?Easy-and-Natural...s&id=795255 "Research indicates that in the United States 60-80% of the people, especially wo
  10. Ok let me point it out, you can use all the cleansers you want! Too cure the problem eat a normal healthy diet, and you won't have any problems. And if you really would like a good cleansing method, try drinking lots of water (not to much that will properly kill you=salt balance). As I recall our body was not built to be cleansed, it can take care of itself. Cleansing is just good marketing, that thrives on peoples desperation... Just like almost every company in the U S and A thrives on the am
  11. Give me one good medical reason to fast or cleanse your body, some medical reports etc. I guarantee that you can't find any report that suggests fast og cleansing your body, that is done by some proper doctors. And not the so called experts, that have been used in marketing.
  12. No, I can't blame people for not trusting doctors. Because guess what? We're all adults here, we're not little kids, so we shouldn't let them make our decisions for us. I don't believe in letting my doctor do my research for me. And I think that people who cling to every work they say and take it as God speaking to them are idiots. Apologies if someone reads that and takes it as a personal attack, because it is not meant to be. But doctors don't know everything, they are only human. You need to
  13. 1) Well as I have understood you have quite severe problems, is there anyway you can prove that Accutane caused it? 2) will risk permanent damage to your internal and external body so you can have clear skin. this is the trap you have fallen into. 3) worst symptoms usually appear AFTER your treatment, which has happened in most cases When throwing out these accusations, you need to back them up. And I am 99.9 % secure, that you can't find proper medical reports to back up your accusati
  14. Well the question is, do you want to continue your search for the perfect product for you? Or do you just want to get rid of acne fast, then accutane is the answer. I tried lots of stuff, nothing worked. So I started Accutane which is going great by the way, but had a quite severe flare up...