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  1. Whenever I shower I'm able to scrape off dead skin off my cheeks with my fingernail (I know I shouldn't do it). How can I get rid of this problem permanently? I read online that you can rub sugar on your face and then rinse off along with the dead skin? I would try it, but I don't want to risk a breakout? Any thoughts on something that can be made at home to get rid of the dead sin?
  2. I'm thinking of trying it out for my oily skin. How many pills per day should I start with? How often should I increase # of pills? Any bad side effects?
  3. I stopped using Max clarity for about 2 days now. My forehead went super dry despite the fact the I always moisturize and that it's the oiliest part of my face.
  4. This doesn't work anymore. I really don't want to sign up for autoshipment.
  5. On the left side of my temple, I have a bunch of redmarks from past acne. Now the thing is I don't get acne on there anymore. Now, I used Max Clarity mostly for my forehead to keep away breakouts My question is, which if any of foams from Max Clarity can I use on my redmarks? Should I follow the same routine that I do with my forehead, or something perhaps something different?
  6. Can you use moisturizer after applying the toner at night?
  7. I bought this product, even though I'm not breaking out because of Tazorac. The one problem tazorac hasn't solved is my T-Zone. It seems to excessively dry up every other inch of my skin. Thoughts?
  8. I have mild to maybe slightly moderate acne, but very persistent acne, especially on my forehead. I have made it even worse by picking at it. For the most part, I've done less picking lately and my forehead isn't filled with marks as much as before. How bad was my picking? Well, the right side of my face is jumbled with hyperpigmentation, and I haven't had a pimple there in over a year! That's right, the healing process has been going on for over a year, and I'm suffering from these dark spots.
  9. Purging period a month later. Woohoo....
  10. I can deal with 1 or 2 pimples popping up at a time, but 5, man, I might end up picking as a result.
  11. I've been using tazorac for over a month on my forehead, and I was beginning to feel that it was slowly helping me get rid of the persistent acne. Boom, today I wake up, and I feel at least 5 pimples on my forehead. They're the kind you feel under your skin, just before they begin to expose themselves. I'm so pissed right now.
  12. It's a real bitch to have to go to school like this tomorrow.
  13. Lately my acne has been getting better, therefore; I've become more tolerant of my pimples. In other words, I let them die out naturally, without any popping or picking. 2 day ago, I had a small pimple in them middle of my forehead. It wasn't ready to go, but it didn't stick out like a sore thumb either. But for some reason, right before I showered, I squeezed, managed to get all the pus out, but in the process basically ripped/scratched a part of my skin off. Now I've been dabbing Aloe Vera li