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  1. that might be the most drastic change I have ever seen in such a short period of time. That is awesome! I too have clear skin now thanx to accutane....12 days left and I am done. Skin is 100% clear now.... yay peace -Cory
  2. "opps sorry! just read the ablove post.ok so if its a cure, why doesnt everyobody use it? or is it only for severe/cystic acne? thanks...." It can be used for any kind of acne, but there may be an initial break out a little more severe than you are used to. Not sure why more people dont use it. People overexaggerate the side effects all the time and scare people away. It does have some side effects, but none worse than acne. It is also quite expensive....especially if you are without medical
  3. While on accutane I would recommend nothing but the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Its not a bar, but combine it with exfoliating everyonce in a while and it should cut down on most of ur skin peeling. If you use harsher washes, ur skin may peel worse around the mouth and chin, and it looks really funny... peace -Cory
  4. Hmmm....I read up on the non ablative laser, and I dont believe that is what I used. My bad.... But still, I wouldnt knock accutane, becuz it has worked wonders for many including myself... peace -Cory
  5. I hate to say it Joe, but putting off treating your acne is more than likely not gonna give positive effects. Im not sure how serious your condition is, but if you are still breaking out 2 months from now, you are prolly gonna wish you would have started the accutane. Plus, more break outs just leads to higher possibilty of scarring.....Just my two cents... peace -Cory
  6. Maybe I take Accutane because I have already used the stupid light and it didnt do shit. And I mean nothing. I couldnt say I saw even the slightest bit of improvement. I will stick to what works... peace -Cory
  7. man, ur not even 1/2 way done with ur prescription yet. It will work, just give it time. After all, alot of the clearing occurs once u have finished taking all of the medication.... peace -Cory
  8. unfortunately there is not a whole lot u can do about the red marks other than prevent them from happening. To do that ur gonna have to stick to a regimen that works for u to stop break outs, whether that be Dans Regimen, accutane, B5 or wutnot....Try them and see wut works for u... peace -Cory
  9. yo....try to exfoliate every other day to get rid of some of the dead skin. Also use tons of chapstick and moisturize the area around ur nose and mouth day and night. I suggest cetaphil moisturizing cream. Less greasy than the lotion and works great. peace -Cory
  10. use scotch tape...just be careful or u can pull ur skin off too...
  11. wouldnt it make more sense to just take 60mg a day?
  12. not true. Supposedly there is about a 50% chance that the acne will return. If it does return in almost all instances it is much less severe than before. Most people are cured for good after the second session but some require additional. I had severe cystic acne and after my first session of accutane the acne came back a year later but I havent seen a cyst again. Only inflammatory lesions....
  13. check in the over the counter forum....its filled with B5 posts...
  14. Are you 100% sure its acne? Ive had Staph infection on my back before. It looks pretty similar to acne....Staph is usually treated with bactroban. If it is acne, try BP and if that doesnt work get on accutane. U should be able to use a pretty potent amount of BP on those areas of skin as they are tougher than the skin on ur face. peace -Cory