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  1. Since it's a new fresh scar, I will heal faster than an older scar. I would suggest lavendar oil. The Young Living brand is good. There is also a product called mederma. It is good too.
  2. I am glad you brought this up. Over the years I've lost virtually all respect for doctors. I avoid them at all cost. I consider them to be self-serving scam artists who will do and say anything to make money. I am nearly 40 and have NEVER found a doctor who was an exception. I normally try to be positive, but I cannot muster up enough positive words to make a positive statement.... I have been to 4 dermatologists within the last 25 years. I have asked ALL of them for scar treatments. I w
  3. I bought the product from Perfect Complexion. I always waited at least on month between applications. I gently washed my face with cetaphil three days after the procedure. I did not apply anything moist until about a week. I wanted my skin to be dry and form scabs (rare for me). I did apply dry mineral powder make up on day 3 or 4 when I had to return to work. After a week I used a MyChelle Deep Repair Cream. I take a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and consume a lot of omega 3'
  4. I sure did fail. I am completely unable to load pics on my threads. I posted two on another thread. I am unsure why I was able to post those two, but can't post more. Anyway, I created a folder in the gallery. You can look under my name to locate the pics if you desire. My pictures are on the Ice Pick Scars thread.
  5. I use the same product. I hold my toothpick in the hole for 20-30 seconds. I do not use the neutralizing solution. I apply neosporin after the procedure but not again. I like to let my face get dry and form "scabs" (I rarely see scabs). On day three I gently wash my face with cetaphil. I do not apply moisturizer until about a week after application. The first three applications I stayed inside for four days each. The last two applications I only went outside to go to my car for work (I
  6. Yes, it is the best product I've ever tried for acne scars! I am going to use my extra solution on family members and friends.
  7. renak

    My TCA Cross Progress

    Multiple Scarring...Mostly Ice Pick
  8. Thanks. I've tried to post more pictures but I'm having difficulty. As you can see, I still have more work to do. I think I will be doing a TCA peel next. Then I will resume with TCA Cross later. I will wait until summer is over because you have to stay out of the sun.
  9. Hello, After very bad cystic acne I developed a lot of acne scarring, largely very deep ice pick scars. For several years I tried every topical solution I could get my hands on. I tried needling briefly, but was afraid to go all the way with needling. I was also afraid to do TCA Cross myself; yet, I continued to research it nonstop, for a few years. I was inspired by a man who posted photo's of himself on this forum. Eventually, I decided that I would order the TCA Cross product and try it.
  10. Hi, I use the same product. The steps listed are correct. In the future, you don't have to apply the neutralizing solution (this is only for people who feel a lot of pain, burning, etc...). I am pretty sure she states on her own forum that it doesn't have to be done. Check our her forum for all TCA Cross info. My first application didn't sting, frost, etc... I thought I did it wrong too. However, each future treatment frosted and burnt a bit more (still not a lot). I do not have a lot o
  11. For about $60 you can buy enough TCA Cross to do your face a hundred times. I have done five applications. My experience has been that it doesn't hurt, and there's not a lot of down time. Personally, I would never pay a doctor to do this very simply procedure. I can give you the name of the person I buy the product form if you are interested.
  12. Hi, I performed five TCA Cross applications on myself. Each application was different. The first application did not frost, and did not sting, burn, etc. I thought I did it wrong, however, I did see minor results. Each subsequent application frosted a bit more, and burned a bit more (If that's what you want to call it....it actually has NEVER hurt). Each application yielded more intense results. After an application, the holes in my face look MUCH larger. The frosting (if it even happe
  13. I applied five treatments of TCA Cross. I've seen amazing results. I still have a lot of future treatments. I ordered the product online and applied it myself. It didn't hurt and I only had about three days of down time per treatment. I highly reccommend it. The first picture I posted was from December 2010 (after three applications). The second picture was from July 2011 (after 5 applications). This is a very slow process, but worth the wait! So far I've spent less than $100.00, and I
  14. You can use tea tree oil on your face. I haven't had any luck with it, or any other essential oil.