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  1. hey ..plz be my friend ...

  2. so are you in houston right now?

    And Can I take you out for coffee? =)

  3. Hey, how is everything going with you now fellow texan :D.

  4. hey so i know i havent been on here in 2 months but i thought id stop by and say im doing well for anyone that cares hahaha. i havent had a nasty pimple in about 2 months but i still have red marks which kinda suck but accutane'll do that. I am sooooooooooo happy tho that i am pimple free. its really nice. i have much more confidence now and its really just easier to live. once these peasky redmarks are gone ill be a regular ol happy go luck, not obsessed about my face, kinda gal! haha anyway ju
  5. hey thank you for the birthday wishes!

  6. hey1 I've seen you around, happy birthday =]

  7. oh hey sorry im never on haha. im gooood tho :) how are you?

  8. hey meagain, whatsup, how life been treating you?

  9. That's amazing! I'm too scared to take accutane at the moment, haha i'm not that brave. I'm doing okay; changing my diet around did help! Good luck with everything and congratulations!

  10. hey! yea im very happy to be on the wonderful accutane. I'm healing from my last little breakout rt now so my skin looks grreat with makeup on haha but without i still have many red marks :( hows it going with u?

  11. hey girl! I remember you from a couple months back and its cool to see that you started accutane! Hows that going??

  12. hey so yea i use mederma as in the stuff for scars u see on tv haha. If u havent already u should look up the reviews for it on here. I hear u about healing, my main thing now is redmarks and i have some light scarring that i really want to go away!I know im prob making a big deal out of nothing But i know ill have to wait awhile after accutane to get a treatment done did ur derm say how long ud have to wait to get scar treatment done?
  13. yay for you! isnt it funny how when u start clearing up ur not on this sight as much! haha well i dont expect u back for a while, i took a 20 say hiatus myself which i didnt even realize! but anyway i was just wondering if u were still on 40mg or 50? my derm just bumped me up to 50 yay, i just finished my 2nd month too so im really happy! And u are ahead of me so ull be done in no time. Ur on for 5 months yea? i think i will be too, anyway good luck with redmarks, thats my biggest annoyance rt n
  14. heyy there! long time no talk haha. so i was just curious...not to be wierd...but how much do u weigh cause thats what they determine the dosage by. My derm only moved me up to 50 mg this month, darn her! cause she thought 60 would be tooo high for me which is stupid i think. ANyway do u know how many months ur gonna be on it for yet? I really hope those blocked pores clear on their own! Are they still teh kind with the white crap in them? that u can squeeze sometimes? Cause i have some little