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  1. I'm about to start 3,000 mg borage oil and 3,000mg lecithin or more a day i was wondering does it matter which brand i buy ? is GNC okay? and who else has had good results with these two.. thanks!
  2. im about to start 5,000mg Borage Oil and 2,400mg Lecithin ill keep everyone updated on how it all works out.
  3. ive been on doryx for almost 2 year's now. Ever since i been taking doryx 100mg twice daily it has def helped my acne. It keep's it down, and i won't get any cystic acne at all. But ever since i been taking doryx i noticed that i'm really short tempered i get mad REALLY easy, and sometimes get violent? and then i will be completely normal. has anyone heard about this while taking doryx? i think i have heard about mood swings but idk? anyone's input would be greatly appreciated... thank you.
  4. I wash my face in the morning with Olay foaming cleanser, feels really good after i clean it not over drying, nice and smooth. During the day my face gets really oily, does anyone know any gental cleansers that can help me with my oily face or have tried anything that has helped them? i have moderate acne. thanks!! :]
  5. Okay in the morning i wash my face when i get out of the shower with olay foaming gental face wash, my face is smooth and normal but when it gets to about 6ish 7:00pm my face gets oily, really oily. My cheeks, forhead, and the creases of my nose get oily. Does anyone have any tips or ways to control oil during the day? i'm pretty sure this is what causes my acne, and i have long hair, so does anyone know of a good shampoo to use? maybe that will help also. Thank you
  6. Has anyone put there benzaclin in the refrigerator? a buddy of mine was telling me to do that, cuz i guess it works better for him? anyone try this before? reply's would be nice
  7. Okay so i was thinking about switching to all natural stuff for my face. I was thinking about getting a natural face wash with herbs in it, and then applying witch hazel, and then maybe Aloe Vera. Has anyone used these products? Do you guys prefer natural products over products that contain BP or sylcic acid or however you spell it. I want to know your experience with Natural products and if they work better or worse? and replys would be great!
  8. okay.. when you apply benzaclin or whatever you use at night. Is it better for your acne to be a little dry? then moisturized? I always thought when your red pimples were dry from the cream it will dry up the pimple in general. But then when you have dry skin you tend to break out more. I use benzaclin at night and it makes my face pretty dry, but i have cetaphil moisturizer and wondering if i should put it over the benzaclin, will that defeat the purpose of the benzaclin? can anyone give me an
  9. in the crease of the right side of my nose its all red... its been like this for a long time, not sure what it is? anyone else have this? Kinda looks like a scar of some sort.
  10. but i still don't know if its better for your acne to be dry? or moisturized? i put benzaclin on and i'm not sure if i should leave my acne dry or put some cetaphil moisturizing lotion on? its not dry like flaky but when i put it on my acne is more white instead of red. can someone help me
  11. does anyone know a good face wash with BP in it? ive been using Cetaphil and it does nothing to help acne, nothing at all. i need something to help with moderate acne. i also use benzaclin
  12. How do you apply your Tea Tree Oil? what is the best way to apply it? any responses will be greatly appreciated thank you.
  13. Right now i'm using benzaclin twice daily i put it on in the morning after i wash my face and use a toner and my face gets dry and flaky now is it better for acne to be dry? or should i put on some cetaphil moisturizing lotion after i use benzaclin? i'm not really sure if that will take the whole purpose of the benzaclin away? and the cetaphil gental face wash isn't working well for me, anyone have any suggestions on some natural ingredient cleansers? any replies would be nice.
  14. can anyone tell me some good facial cleansers, moisturizers, and toners. Something that will clear up the face. Something natural maybe. Any reply s would be nice.
  15. Does anyone know a good all natural cleanser you can buy from rite aid or Walgreens or where ever. Something that has all natural ingredients. My face gets oily thru out the day and right now i'm using cetaphil its alright but i'm looking for something better. Anyone have any suggestions? something that can clear the acne up too. thank you.