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  1. Pictures of my scars mainly on left cheek. I've had a couple of non ablative laser resurfacing treatments and then switched to professional Dermaroller treatments. Haven't had any treatments in over a year and scars are worse than before. General appearance is more uneven with what looks like some raised areas of collagen production. Any thoughts & advice on suitable treatment welcome.
  2. The large microdermabrasion scar is a bit unusual, the edge of it seems to have raised slightly since my treatments but generally it's slightly depressed, when stretched it does seem to raise up or at least looks less visible. It sounds then that subcision might not be appropriate for this scar as it is probable damage to the surface rather than damage from deeper within. I did however read on some surgeons website somewhere that they use subcision for depressed scars from acne or other trauma
  3. Thanks Brawn, I have stopped the LED use, having previously used it every day for about 3-4 weeks. I've heard some positive reviews for subcision, my only concern with it might be as some of the scars don't have defined sharp edges that there would be a risk of healthy skin being needled also and result in a similar problem of raised collagen deposits on healthy skin. Other than my acne scarring I have one large flat fairly shallow scar from stupidly using a microdermabrasion cloth too vigorou
  4. Hello, I'd be interested to hear anyones opinion on my experiences, June & August 09 Fractional non ablative Palomar laser September 09 IPL for hyperpigmentation November 09 & Jan 10 Dermaroller (professional treatment) I have not had any treatment in over a year, on and off during the past 12 months I've used a Red LED, 3/4 weeks at a time for about 6 minutes a day with gaps of months with no LED use. The only skin products I use are Jan Marini Bioglycolic face wash, a spot control
  5. Hi Munsoned & all, I've dipped in and out of this log over the last year or so and found it very informative. I'd previously had a couple of non ablative fractionalised laser treatments before starting Dermaroller. I only had 2 professional Dermaroller treatments, the last being over 12 months ago. Since then I've had no further treatments and have been only been using my red led on and off. I'm considering my next move, in even recent weeks and months I've noticed some changes to my scars