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  1. hahahhahahahah zomg funniest advice ever read on this forum There is actually some truth to this.If u have a "handicap" called acne/scars.You dont want to go after the hottest chick u see, but more after a less hot chick, could be one thats a bit "fat" , or could be one that is kind of ugly.I mean , you dont have to sleep with them, just date em for a while, theres bunch of ugly chicks wanna date other ugly men, but after u build confidence on those less attractive women, u go on and set
  2. Just wanted to comment that i have had bad acne when growing up, and ended with some nasty scars and an occasional break out at age 22. I have never had a gf, and been a virgin untill i met the love of my life at age 22( my 1st gf, no way i was letting this one go lol). Seriously, we have been together for 8 years, we broke up this year, and that had nothing to do with my acne.She is an absolutley gorgeous girl clean skin and all.Great personality.And a awesome body.In the beginning i had no id
  3. Hi Bro, My docter gave me Tretinoin 0.02%.And i have been using it for about 4 weeks now.The first 2 weeks i had a massive outbreak on my back, shoulders and arms, but in the 3rd week, my skin began to dry up, and im seeying slight imporvement... but im still not satisfied yet.I do have to say, i put it on on some places on my face, and it took care any spots i had after about a week. I put on a cream on my face to help against the dryness. I must goto the dokter in 3 weeks for a check up.