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  1. sigh, sorry, as depressing as this may sound, i had to write this. Ever since ive suffered from acne, i feel that i cant do anything anymore. I feel so useless, and i see no future ahead of me. This year, i had some treatments done, and although, its slowly progressing, it's still pretty bad, and gets me down. I've dropped out before, and was looking forward to starting again next semester, but these fucking scars wont go away, and the deadline for the application date is closing... D: I'm so a
  2. yeah i tried with babelfish, but it only translates the text, most og the registration words are like picture bubbles. So, the translations dont really help >.<
  3. Hey guys, I dont really know where to put this, so please move it to the appropriate category. Well, is there anyone who knows korean? And could you please help me with some translations, or even better register an account for me on this site: http://www.rojukiss.co.kr/ I dont know korean, but someone introduced me to this product and it's sooo good. Im running low on the set, and I want to purchase more, but the place where I buy it from costs like 2x more, and so could anyone of you help me
  4. i have a problem that's the opposite, gaining weight lol... it's sooooo hard for me to gain weight, and acne too, is a bitch for me
  5. lol... i dont know why i cant fall asleep on my back either, i just keep shuffling around if i do i sleep with my face in the pillow... lol i know its bad for my face but its comfortable
  6. u gotta find a good product for ur skin which helps to control oil, like rgal93 said... my face is quite oily, and just recently went to get facials done... they used this product on me which they recommended, starts with R but i've forgotten the name, but it's really good but expensive, i went home that day after the facial with like NO oil on my face, even after like 8hrs.. amazing. Next time i get another facial done ill certainly get the name of the product and tell ya. Also, if ur skin prod
  7. yeppp, pro activ is freaking nasty shit. EVEN AFTER i've washed my hands with soap and water, it still manages to bleach my towels... WTF IS IN IT?!!?!
  8. YESS LOL... they are shoooo cute!

  9. wow, where do i even begin... pro activ is nasty shit, i tried it for like a month before and it seemed to clear my acne a bit, but also made my skin tight and dry... mate, i couldnt even open my mouth to eat cos it was THAT dry.. also with ur hands, i never had that problem myself but i know for a fact that pro activ contains some nasty chemicals. Seriously, if u think about it, that shit cant be good for ur face, cos it ends up bleaching the towels u use to dry ur hands AFTER u've already wash
  10. go get acupuncture done, they stick two needles on the lower leg and it helps stablilize ur hormones.. im currently doing that and its working well for me doesnt hurt, cant feel a thing, trust me
  11. Dude, use aloe vera gel, and dont ever use toothpaste ever again... a friend of mine went to visit a derm and the derm said it literally FUKS UP UR FACE!!!! SO DONT USE IT EVER!!!
  12. Isnt that a cacti from Final Fantasy like oh em gee i love that game!!!

  13. what face wash are u currently using? is it suitable for ur skin type? make sure u choose one that's not too harsh on ur skin (i dont recommend BP, many reasons why). Spot treat with something natural such as aloe vera gel, tea tee oil, etc. Do NOT touch ur face... EVER unless u want more pimples lol... watch what u eat, exercise, stay out of the sun, and get good quality sleep.
  14. i dont recommend popping them, but if worse comes to worst then get a needle, dip it in boiling water, then pop it, and squeeze the pus out gently with tissues wrapped around ur fingers... should put some cream on it afterwards though so it doesnt become infected... that would be nasty