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  1. How about going about this in a slightly different way? Instead of starting at day one again, should you pick, rather subtract one day. So, say youve been good for four days, then on day five you pick a little then that day becomes day three. And the next day can then either be a day four again or a day two. And try to continue this until you get to 30. My reason for this is that its just so disheartening to start at day 1 over and over and over again... sigh... And yes I know this m
  2. Iverson3, did you have your levels tested before you started vit D3 supplementation?
  3. Ive seen a specialist as well. Cost me a fortune and he could also find nothing wrong. For me it is my right eye thats affected. Do you have any digestive issues at all? Gallbladder still working as it should? Constipated sometimes? Did you have a natural dry or oily skin before accutane? Sorry for the million questions... were just wondering why for some people (my husband) this drug works wonders and for others (me) its a real nightmare. (Ive been on 20mg per day for 4 weeks and
  4. Hi Hyperactive, How is your vision lately? Any updates? I have just about axactly the same symptoms as you! And it seems like ours is very rare.... Wonder what common element is there between us?
  5. Have a look at http://breastcancerchoices.org/iodineindex.html for a good iodine use protocol and other related info.
  6. Please can you share the url of the ulcerative colitis forum?
  7. Thank you very much for this, its really motivating! No gluten No sugar No dairy .... eish ....
  8. Thank you for posting this! This is such a difficult topic, and watch out for people that will shoot this down. Keep it up! More info on dosages and the supporting supplements you will find on the web site you quoted above. I have started with Lugols 5%, only 2 drops a day with all the supplements and will work my way up. Ive started iodine for my fibrocystic breast decease and for that it is already working wonders, much less pain. My acne is also doing a lot better But cant say for
  9. I might be mistaken, Alternativista would know, but according my knowledge yogurt and kefir is not the same thing at all. Yes, they both went through a fermentation phase, but they are not the same. Also I thought sugar kills the good live bacteria? Alternativista, or am I wrong?
  10. Isnt there a difference between the amount of strains and the amount of bacteria? Most probiotic supplements covers around 7 to 11 strains, where as the amount of bacteria can be anything from 1 million to 450 billion. The thing is to get probiotcs that covers the most amount of strains and bacteria and is still alive. I use VSL#3 http://www.vsl3.com which has 450 billion live bacteria per packet. Yes it is very very very expensive, but I just didnt want to waste my time and money. Money
  11. Do a search for "Water Kefir". Google for recipes etc.
  12. Avocado is an excellent source of good omega 3s! Also high in potassium is your average jacket potato as well as black strap molasses.
  13. Oooooh :) So much truth in that! (And Ive also found it helping me a lot!)