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    no matter what happens in life, there is always beer
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    United States of Fucking America
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    getting help for acne
  1. wow what a load of bullcrap, DANS REGIMEN > ANYTHIN YOU COULD POSSIBLY do
  2. well pink just to let you know Behind Blue Eyes is actually originally sang by The Who and that version is so much fucking better than shitty ass fred durst version. Ummm lets see I have loads of fuckign depressing songs, Whiskey Lullaby, We all Die Young, Unholy Confessions, Angel's Son (best song ever), and I could go on forever but right now Be Yourself by Audioslave is rocking the depressing air waves of my computer.
  3. Yeah well my acne is coming back pretty fucking gayly after being off of accutane for awhile now and i"m so fucking depressed. Its not cystic yet and i'm hoping it never will be and it sounds like the regimen could help me bundles. The problem is I'm at college and I don't know where the hell to find bp gel at. I will be coming home in a week and just wondering where do you guys buy your bp gel at and all the products needed for the regimen. I really just want to start this as soon as I get
  4. ha my acne only gets bad when i go out, fucking bastard. yeah i talk about acne like its a person, you wanna do something about it.
  5. me either and when i finally thought i got this mild acne under control i get these huge fucking red lump zits right b4 the weekend. my face looks like ass soup, oh well.
  6. ahhhi almost cried last night cuase of this bullshit, nearly clear one day, fucking 10 zits the next. this truely has to end
  7. yes, in one day life can go from wonderful to suckiful. i just made up a word and i love it.
  8. dude mine came back also but not as bad. I doubt they will let you back on accutane if it is as mild as you make it sound. There is no way I can get back on accutane, because mine is not severe enough. I know if I coul djust go on another 6 months that after I probably won't ever get acne again. BTW I THINK I LOVE YOU SMOYLE BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED WITH THE EAGLES AND WILL BE FOREVER. ONE CITY, ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM
  9. i like being 100% italian and everyone likes my brown eyes for no reason at all.
  10. ha u guys r young stil i guaranteee alcohol will help you in desperate situations in later parts of your life. When i'm depressed i just get wasted lol, don't do that its not smart. your house sounds awesome btw cause i like woods, I love to camp.
  11. on another note i found my enter the dragon password, holllllllllllllla lol
  12. at least u get to see hot chicks in the commercials