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  1. It was excellent for me: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Extreme-e...on-t265694.html Although everyones different, good luck.
  2. Hey i'd wait another 2 weeks, i started the baby brush method just over a month after i finished accutane, but it's your call, good luck. EDIT* (Although some people say it can take up to 2-6 months before your skin is ready for any skin treatments, i was fine after one month.)
  3. Oh right, i'm sorry to hear that, maybe you have really fragile skin.(Good luck with getting your skin back to how it was)- or maybe you removed the top layer of skin and thats how they look underneath. You sure your using a baby brush? because i can't understand how it would make your face sore, anyways like i said before good luck.
  4. I didn't experience that, maybe you were a little to rough? you have to be gentle which is why it takes a while to exfoliate, make sure you don't rub like crazy. I've been using Hydrea Baby brush(goats hair): http://www.lookfantastic.com/face-and-body...facial-use.html I just googled it and thats a simular one. This is exactly what i do when exfoliating: -Wash the baby brush -Wash my face -Exfoliate gently for 15 mins -Wash face again -Mosturize
  5. I double exfoliated for 6 weeks, i noticed my marks go from dark red/brown to a much lighter colour after 3-4 weeks, but my face was very dry. I did this for 6 weeks and then i stopped exfoliating for 2 weeks while i let my skin heal itself. Now my skin has improved atleast 70% if not more now, i only exfoliate at night now but i do it for longer then i used to. *If you are going to try this then i would suggest you do it twice a day for a month to see if it will work for you(if you don't do
  6. To be honest i'm not sure, from what i've read you apply the emu oil to your red marks for a couple hours then wash off and moisturize, someone may have a better answer for you hopefully.
  7. wasup, your red marks are hardly noticeable. I've tried apple cider vinegar before which helped my skin texture a little but had no effect on my red marks, also the baby brush method which has improve my skin around 70%, but my marks are far worse then yours. Although emu oil sounds great, loads of positive posts on here about that aswell, i'd look into emu oil and the baby brush method a little if i was you. Good luck.
  8. Not sure too be honest, i havent had black heads for atleast a 1 year just red marks.
  9. Wasup, yeah i shave everyother day, before exfoliating(Wet shave btw.)
  10. I used it wet with warm water, around about 150-200(100-150 in the morning) circular rotations on each part of my face, (I used very hot water before every use to liminate most of the bacteria) It took around 10-15 mins in the morning and 15-25 mins at night, you can obviously do it much faster but it depends how much you want to clear your face of these marks.
  11. I've had red marks for the past 3 years and they haven't improved at all(Maybe a little but i haven't noticed a change) i've tried many, many products for my red marks(around 40-100) but they haven't made any improvements. I want to say a massive thankyou to this guy and his post: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/fade-red-mark-t237471.html What i did for 6 weeks, which has improved my face by about 70% is to exfoliate twice a day using a baby brush. I spent 20 mins in the morning and 30 mins
  12. Okay i've tried so many products from over the counter or prescription from the doctors/derm, heres a list of things which have improve my skin. (Most of you will already know these but i'm going to post what worked for me and hopefully it will for others aswell) 1. Stop eating dairy products, anything from milk to cheese, try to cut it out for atleast 2 weeks and you should noticed a decrease in redness or new acne. 2. Flip your pillow case after ever use and then wash it, only use both side
  13. hey, no i'm starting roaccutane next week, sorry can't help you there, maybe try it on a small patch of skin and see what happens? anyways good luck.
  14. Couple of things i've tried and has helped; Face mask - 2 table spoons of oatmeal, 2 table spoons of yogurt(normal) and 1 and half table spoons of hone. This video shos you how; Also try taking vitamins; B C D Also Zinc i take 60mg of zinc daily, 1,500mg vitamin C, vit b 2 tablets daily, vit d 2 tablets daily, i also take 4 collagen tablets daily. This will help check this website out for these http://www.healthydirect.com/category/Cate...sMinerals/d.jsf Go to products
  15. Couple of things which have helped others; - put sudo cream on the bumps/marks for a couple of hours or put it on before bed(Just on marks/acne not all over face) -Ice, get an ice pack or ice cubs in a bag or something and apply to bump/marks takes down the swelling. I have heard the asprin and honey face mask is awesome, anyways good luck i've been using the the 2 above and i've seem good results in 2 weeks or so. Forgot to add; -Omega 3 fish oil tablets and Zinc 50mg can help the healing pr