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  1. hey a nurse told me to use iodine and bactobran on a big pimple. and it works pretty good i also read on the internet somewhere about iodine crystals working on cysts. its brown,,but doesn't stain skin i think it might work. i'll put it on big pimples overnight along with bp treatment
  2. hi how are u well i have the strongest hands..i had a cyst on my cheek since beginning of this week, about wed i popped it..it was ok...woozing....but ok....touched more and more...now 5 days later....it grew and grew from me touching it...and its like the size of two qorters and my cheek is inflamed. ice won't uninflame it... today i did not touch it i have a new skin huge bandaid on it. due to columbus day..i have to go to the derm on tues. but i'm putting bactobran..bacitracin..and bandaid..
  3. yeah i guess thats what i wanted to say i bought it and it lasts long, good price (very important for me), and it does not burn my skin..and its as good as teh neutrogena 5% bp..and the tube is big which is cool. i'm sure u will do well with the selling of the bp gel. i guess maybe u just need more advertising..but its great.