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  1. I've been using the 10% for about 5 days now and I havne't had any flaking whatsoever except for a little under my nose above the lip which isn't really noticeable and I had that anyway before. I'll keep on using it for now, and it seems to be helping with the acne except that I had one of those exploding types of pimples that I just couldn't let alone so I have that now to get rid of # Oh well, they go away pretty quickly.
  2. Hey Owen, thanks for the reply. In the past I've experienced soem drying right on the outside of my mouth, even when I wasn't applying any sorts of medication to it. I faithfully put moisturizer on it, but it never seemed to completely go away. I don't think the 10% BP should affect the rest of the areas of my face though. Aside from around my mouth, my face is pretty well moisturized. I guess I'll try it out for now and see how it goes. Once again, all feedback is appreciated.
  3. I know that 10% BP will overdry the skin, but shouldn't it be ok as long as you keep moisturizing that area?
  4. Days 3 - 6 Heh so I've been a bit lazy and haven't gotten to posting in a while...sorry about that... I've been breaking out a little more than normal lately. Still haven't been using much moisturizer but my skin seems to be holding up pretty well in terms of dryness. I've been following the regimen strictly aside from the moisturizer. I was kinda scared to shave because every time I did there would be some ingrowns that would create problems and other bumps of some sort that would leave da
  5. Day 1 + 2 I started the regimen yesterday (Dec. 31st). Like I said before I had two pustules on my chin and a small pimple forming next to them and I formed a small one near my left temple and yet another small one above the middle of my eyebrows. They're all hardly noticeable so I'm not too worried about them. Followed the regimen strictly Day 1, however Day 2 I'm experimenting and not putting on moisturizer. We'll see how it goes. It's in the evening now and I'm not feeling any dryness n
  6. Oh man I really wish I could be like you. I have HORRIBLE work ethic. I procrastinate sooo much and once school starts again next Monday I'm gonna be getting sooo little sleep so I'm getting all that I can while I'm on break. Really, I might average 8-10 hours per week sometimes! I don't think it hurts my appearance that much though? It probably is bad for the body tho... The BP is gonna dry out your skin, and sun for sure isn't gonna do any wonders to it. I suggest trying your best to st
  7. Hey chewey, Just wondering, are you applying the BP only on the areas that you are affected or all over? And also is there any specific area that acne seems to form all the time and other areas that they don't appear at all? I totally agree with your statement on social pressures resulting in breakouts. This doesn't happen to me everytime but if it's a special occassion that I worry over or plan out then I usually get breakouts a couple days after. It sucks On a different note, how do y
  8. Ok so I just got back from my daily late night run. I started about a week ago since I felt I was getting out out shape from eating all that food during the holidays. I only ran a mile today instead of more of a cross country setting the previous days, but it was fast paced. I came in, did a face wash with Clearasil (I know, I know, it supposedly doesn't do anything but I'm still using it ). I haven't started the regimen yet, I think I will begin tomorrow morning because I am starting to fo
  9. Hmm my dad cuts my hair right now, don't know what I'm gonna do once I go off to college...mebbe I'll grow it out and get it cut once I visit home for the holidays 8) Anyway I rarely go to the barbershop...$13 is way too frickin expensive for a haircut that doesn't even look decent. Doing it yourself is a much better option...I commend all of you that do William
  10. Does this tape method not irritate the skin? It seems the very same as touching your skin, which is not recommended with acne in any case. Please clear this up for me!
  11. could anyone enlighten us please?
  12. Hmm what are these exfoliants you guys are talking about? Do they just get rid of the dead skin cells from the top layer of the epidermis? I'm confused
  13. Yes, I do gymnastics. Started in high school frosh year (I'm a junior now) and I'm the team all arounder. We're pretty good, looking towards placing 1st in state our senior year. What events did you do? Oh, and 8 glasses of water!? Hmm I think I've done it before but man towards the end I don't usually feel too good, even if I space it out throughout the day. O well... William
  14. It doesn't look like you have any acne at all.