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  1. Look sorry about my previous post.. just thought it was 'something you needed to hear'. look I'll give you a few rules, they are not a fact for other people, you have to understand this, but they are a fact for YOU. Depression is pointless. -it does not help you!Do you want to help yourself or not? Sad Emotions/ lack of expressions/shyness will make your acne worse! -no facial expressions can tense up the skin, might make it easier for acne to live on the skin i dont know.. but the bottom li
  2. I threw stones at my cat.. like about 13 years ago. I just couldn't figure out why it ran away...
  3. are you kidding me? it's only 8:43 pm.. P.S a wonderful way to prepare for college (All nighters)
  4. So proud of you... I can cry. Not only do you have the rest of highschool, but college too is fun, way more fun, 4-6 more years of fun. Have fun.
  5. Look don't listen to anyone, you don't need medical attention, you seem like you have control, just....... think logically.
  6. I think he means that death is freedom.. but I'm not too sure it works that way..
  7. Try Something Simple. Try Something Simple. Try Something Simple.
  8. I don't have acne anymore... you think I'm worried about jinxing it? no. it's not going to come back. I WON.