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  2. are there any current accutane users on delna's regimen out there?
  3. wow i'm also on 40mg but this is like my 3rd month and i haven't had any nose bleeds. i heard people actually stick vaseline up their snots and it'll help?
  4. i am SO tempted to give this a try, but i am still on my accutane treatment. darn. i don't know about the rest of you but for me my red marks are usually lightered and more faded in the morning right when i wake up and they eventually darkened or get redder towards the evening. my point is if you had tried the delna's regimen and see an improvement THROUGHOUT the day then it really works for you.
  5. I have both of my cartilages pierced, my ear lobes pierced and stretched and my lip pierced. Only my carts were infected maybe due to the fact I had them pierced at the mall and I kept playing with them. But yeah, cartilage piercings take the longest to heal due to the lack of blood circulation up there to stimulate healing.
  6. Your face reminds me of myself. That lost photo showing the right side of your face, I notice that you've been picking cause I see dry blood. I think it's a better idea to post photos every week or every other week as to see more significant improvements.
  7. Yeah same here. I would assume that with your condition, maybe 40mg a day like mines or a higher dose. But then, maybe the doctor didn't want you to experience the side effects that severely, so he'll probably gradually increase your dosage. Good luck and keep posting those photos.
  8. I weight around 140lb too, but am on the dosage of 40mg per day, (20mg twice daily). I never knew that there was a certain amount you're suppose to have in your body to prevent relapse. Now you're freaking me out.
  9. i saw results 1 month in, no break outs, just those scars.
  10. 1. My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay (I Promise) 2. Interpol - Slow Hands 3. Hoobastank - The Reason 4. Interpol - Take You On a Cruise 5. Simple Plan - Addicted
  11. I paid $510 bucks for 2 cases of 20mg 30caps which equals a month for me.
  12. Wow you're still breaking out? I guess it's really different for each person. Cause I haven't broken out for nearly a month now, except one or two minor ones. It feels different not being in front of the mirror for 15 minutes each morning and night. Good luck.