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  1. I had a headache the first week and whenever I upped the dose.. third week I had the IB and fourth week noticed the dry lips starting.. I started on a low dosage of 20mg so maybe ask doc to lower dosage until you feel comfy with it.
  2. Good luck with your low dose tane course.. how much do you weigh?
  3. Is your acne associated with oily skin? Yeah, I had very oily skin... I would wash my hair in the morning and by evening it was ready for another wash as it was so greasy.
  4. I'm currently taking 20mg/ per day and results so far are clear on my face after 5 weeks and just one or two still on my back. I started with mild to moderate persistent acne on face, back and chest and my weight is about 80kg.
  5. My IB started in the third week but I'm only taking 20mg/per day
  6. Your doctor has prescribed you accutane for four years?
  7. As far as I'm aware private is quick but expensive whilst the NHS is free but with the disadvantage of waiting times. Getting to see a gp should be no problem but the wait to see a specialist derm could be months, and then they might just give u antibiotics if they're not satisfied with your Docs assessment. The prescriptions for accutane are far cheaper than what u would get in America but I got mine for free as I'm also a diabetic
  8. Can't believe I got stung for a £12 extra customs charge on top of what I paid for dans treatment.. won't be buying again from the yanks.. will try something closer to home next time.
  9. Just imagine going to buy an acne product when someone you really have the hots for is serving behind the counter.. would u buy the product or go elsewhere?? Yeah, I would buy the product. Because it's my life, and my face, and I don't care what other people think about what I do with it. I don't have time to constantly worry about what other people think about every little thing I do. Part of what perpetuates the stigma about acne is trying to hide something that's all over your fac
  10. I don't agree with this at all. Mostly everyone who has acne is embarrassed by it, which is why they work so tirelessly to get it fixed. All those who say they aren't embarrassed by it are in denial IMHO. The fact the bottle has ACNE advertised so prominently on the bottle only makes it more easy for the bullies to target their victims. If you have to take your bottle travelling where lots of people u know will be, surely Dan could at least change those bottles... I can't believe the expense wou