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  1. So I'm still clear. I get probably one-2 pimples every month. And i've learnt to just leave my skin alone. Jut apply the products at night and day and then I'm done. So my regime hasn't changed that much. I still am in love with the Paulas Choice products. AM Jojoba oil PC Skin Balancing Cleanser PC skin balancing toner (not if skin is oily) PC skin balancing moisturiser makeup- PC sheer matte SPF20 or Mineral makeup SPF15 PM jojoba oil (used as a makeup remover) PC skin balancing clea
  2. yay! im crystal clear now i dont have any blackheads/whiteheads. nada so im very very happy. I got jojoba oil sometime last week and i looove it! so now my regime is AM jojoba oil (leaveon for a bit) cleanse: Paulas Choice one step facial clenaser (normal/dry) moisturiser: PC skin balancing moisturiser (only if i wear foundation) and i make sure it s a foundation with SPF If I'm just staying @ home for the day studying then ill just put on 2 drops of the jojoba oil and thats all. PM
  3. What other skin products do you use? Maybe you should change the moisturiser you use to one for oily skin, so its not as 'moisturising'?? Or maybe put only a little bit of the Vit E and tea tree oil on.
  4. Hmm this is a good question i like 1. my hair, smile, abs, legs, boobs, my petite-ness, cheekbones oh and my teeny tiny feet and hands i have good proportions but they are kinda weird. I'm 5'1 with 10DD boobs aaaand im a size 6 or (zero in the USA). So totally out of sync but I've learned to love it and work it. I have a love/hate relationship with it especially the boobs.
  5. One of my friends told me to try Mac Foundation she has the studio fix one. Does anyone use it and is it good? or does anyone use any of their other ones? I like th elook of the mineralise one cause it has SPF15?
  6. I think using the exfoliating wash twice a day is contributing to the oiliness of your skin. Maybe purchase a gentler cleanser and then use more topical cream such as a BP cream or exfoliating gels like the AHA or the BHA products. Mechanically exfoliating with scrubs that have beads in them just aggrevates the skin to produce more oil.
  7. Thanks I will defs be purchasing it next time i need a new foundation
  8. Thanks I always tend to use the whole product up before i determine if its good or not. unless it makes me break out really bad quickly. i have really sensitive skin. So i will slowly introduce probably one product at a time instead of bombarding my skin with all the new stuff.
  9. i used to use Differin just on spots and it always made them more inflammed and worse. Now i use a 10% AHA cream on spots and they clear up in 2-3days. But don't let that put you off using it. I know Differrin and worked for some people. it was jsut way too harsh for my skin. Hope it works out for u
  10. Sooo alot of my clinique products ran out and i decided to go for a cheaper brand. Paulas Choice. So now my routine is AM cleanse: Clinique liquid soap- mild (PC one was more expensive) exfoliate: PC 2% BHA gel (i used up the liquid and i always found it a bit greasy the gel feels so much better) moisturize: Because the turnaround concentrate was $88 and it had 1% BHA I'm just using the PC exfoliator above and now i moisturize with PC Skin Balancing moisturiser. PM cleanse: Clinique facial
  11. Agreed with you there... just wondering do you use the powder or the liquid one? Cause i use the powder (only sometimes). Cause i find the powder to be pretty thick and really full coverage. so maybe the liquid might blend in with my skin better??
  12. i wash my face at pretty much exactly the same times as you do morning, then mid afternoon- to take my makeup off/just get re-freshed before i have dancing/running/gym and then have a shower after that so i wash my face again..... I've found that 3 times is fine for my skin. It's if i exceed that to like 6 times a day that my skin gets irritated and becomes oilier. If you don't get flaking or you don't feel your skin gets oiler or breaks out then it should be ok:)
  13. Thanks for the advice:) i actually changed my BP product to a moisturiser + BP in one and it works so well and my skin isn't red at all. Plus i dont have to layer products on either. Thanks modman!!
  14. Hahahahaha whoops i meant Erythema. I had an assignment to do on Emphysema so i think i had emphysema on my mind.
  15. I use both together.....Although i only use Differin on spots when i need it. So i generally put the AHA on first then the Differin.... And my skin always improves really quickly and i dont have any weird reactions from it. Hope this helps!