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  1. So I went into the Derms office today to talk about ways to get rid of my red marks. I really only have 2 scars on my face but the Derm told me that Fraxel was the way to go. My main problem is red marks and not scars. Anyone else think that from the research theyve done that Fraxel isnt meant for red marks? Should I just bail on this derm or what?
  2. Ok so here is the deal. I know everyone says wait 6 months to a year after accutane. However, I am sure that my glands have returned to normal levels, this is because I have normal oiliness in the face and I still get the occasional pimple. I know that you arent "supposed" to get pimples post accutane but seeing as I had a ton of cystic acne before and now I only get an occasional small pimple now, it doesnt make sense to go on accutane again. Anways, it would seem that I should be able to get l
  3. Hi, I just have a quick question. The past 2 weeks I have been doing this routine that I saw for helping with red marks. Im using cetaphil, baking soda for exoliating, ACV and an eggwhite with lemon mask. It seems to be helping. Should I use a moisturizer before I go to bed at night? Or no?
  4. Hey Guys, I stopped taking accutane on May 16th I believe. Anyways, I havent had any major pimples since, some stuff here or there on my neck but i think it was due to shaving. Anyways, the main problem is the redmarks. I clean my face with gentle cetaphil, use an emu oil with moisturizer combo...and once a week i use some St. Ides to exfoliate. Its been a month and a half later and still the red marks are as bad as ever. Any ideas as to what can help me? Thanks
  5. 6 months. 20 mg for a month, then 40, then 60 for 4...im 180 lb male. I know the dose was slightly below my total mg per kg. I think total was supposed to be at 10k mg and i stopped at like 9k or something around there. God these redmarks are ANNOYING haha
  6. Hey Ive been off accutane for about 3 weeks now and i feel like im already to get small bumps and what not already...is this normal. Also, when should I start to see some redmarks fade? I am using Emu oil but I dont feel like thats really doing much. I moisturize 2 times a day too.
  7. Well i went to the derm the other day for my monthly ordeal. Not much progress has been made on my face in the past 3 months. I have a bunch of redmarks, no new active pimples, but ive had a few bumps underneath my skin for 3 months now that originally shrank in size, but never went away. I am 185 lbs male and am on my 5th and final month of 60mg (20, 40, 60, 60, 60) which seems very low. The doctor told me that she was thinking about bumping me to 80 but decided against it. Anyways, she injecte
  8. I thought that i was progressing along and then all of the sudden, my redmarks seemed to get a lot redder over the week. Is there a way to temporarily reduce this? I have a date tonight and dont want to have really red marks
  9. Exactly, stress the things you can control. I am almost done with month 4 and my skin still looks like crap. Redmarks that have been here since month 1 and its a total pain in the ass. But ya know what, I cant control that, so there is no point in stressing about it. By the time you know it, you will be even better looking than when you started this treatment.....i know i will be
  10. i hear you, it can be frustrating...but one thing that has been helping me out through my entire accutane stint is working out...I found that I can push myself that much harder when either lifting or running because of the anger ive got built up inside...so once i come out of this ordeal im going to look better not only cuase of my clear skin, but a better body as well...channel the aggression
  11. dude i understand your pain, but you arent going to be able to stop people from taking this drug...its like a contest where there is a 90% chance of winning the lottery and a 10% chance of being dirt poor...a lot of people are willing to take that risk
  12. I am only going to have a cumulative dose of about 75....thats real low. Doctor says she only wants me on it for 5 months total and the final month is the only month where im going to be at 80mg...I weight 184 lbs...im real scared i just didnt have enough in me to really help out...my face hasnt made the progess I want..I cant tell if there are just redmarks or they are some type of acne and ive got 1 cyst that has gotten smaller but still present after about 2 or so months
  13. same thing happens with me man. I think its cause i sleep on that side of my face so ive been trying to sleep straight on my back but no matter once happens i always end up on the right side of my face...id like to hear a way to stop this.
  14. Hey everyone hows it going...I am about 10 days away from starting my 5th and final month according to my derm, but I havent seen the results I thought I would have by now. Im on 60mg and im 180lbs, lower dose I know. Well I have a bunch of redmarks all over my face and it feels like theres some stuff still underneath my skin, stuff thats been there from month 1...should i do some warm compresses on this to try and help it? Also some of these redmarks feel like there stuff still inside of them,