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  1. Haha, yeah, I don't want to look like Michael Jackson. And I too got a massive satisfaction of extracting the pus snakes.
  2. Indeed it is. I couldn't believe it. I used to squeeze my nose and pus snakes would come out of like 10 pores at once. It was disgusting. The before picture was taken on Christmas Day, and the After was taken yesterday (the 10th).
  3. I've been on Accutane for about 3 weeks now, and it's working awesomely. My skin is drying up, pimples are just dissolving off my face within 1-2 days, and get this: My nose has shrunk considerably. I guess it's because I had a lot of blackheads and oil stored up in it, and it actually was inflated, but right now it's all slim and normal looking. I was looking in the mirror and noticed it, then I mentioned it to mom and she saw it as well and was amazed. My nose has always been my least favorite
  4. Well, some of you may remember me from when I posted with completely clear skin after using Botchla's regimen. Let's say I am immune to that, and seven months later my acne has returned, despite my dermatologist's best efforts to squash it with all the antibiotics. So, she finally put me on Accutane. Right now my acne is moderate, but it hurts and I'm sick of not being able to control it at all. I'm the only one in my family with acne and it drives me insane. So hopefully Accutane will be the c
  5. I have been free of acne for 6 months, and I haven't been happier. Four days ago I noticed that I could feel a bump coming in next to my nose. I thought it was just one of those isolated incidents. Now, 4 days later, I have two large pimples on my forehead (right side), a small one dead between my eyes, one large one in my goatee, various small blemishes on my cheeks, one in the middle of my nose and a few on my jawline. My pores also look large and my face is suddenly looking more oily. And of
  6. Before - October(ish) 2004 Now - March 2005 I also lost 40 pounds, so I feel great. Drew
  7. I had a small bump to appear near my eyebrow, and I had to pop it; it had a hard chunk inside, so it came out very easily. Anyway, I put a tiny dab of Neosporin on it after washing my face. Is this safe? I girl I know told me that it helped reduce redness on a zit you pop if you put it on before bed. As long as it doesn't make it worse, I'm happy. It's minor.
  8. I went to the doctor because I had developed a small rash on my torso and bicep areas. I wasn't really bothered by it, and my actual acne was 100% gone. I assumed that the rash was caused by working out, since it was in the areas I worked only. Anyway, I showed the rash to my doctor, who admitted to having no idea what the rash was. However, instead of just sending me to my regular dermatologist, he put me on a short dosage of Prednisone, a steroid, to clear up this mysterious rash. So I start
  9. From the age of 13 to 17, I had acne that made my pale, Irish face look like something you'd see at Ogrish. I had literally no confidence in myself around others, and it only seemed to get worse. But one day, my friend convinced me to join him at the gym. So I did, and eventually I got into working out and getting into shape. When I saw my results, I gained a bit of confidence in myself and had hope that changes would come soon. So from that point forward, I completely ignored my acne. I stopp