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  1. i am sorry but accutane put you on a higher risk of injury.....
  2. this is very true. they only people that have read my journal is the people here at acne.org but no one else know. i think keeping a log is the best ideo while taking accutane because if its not your family then people from acne.org will always tell you when youre depressed or when something is not rght.
  3. nah man i got acne like that too. i am now 18 and im taking accutane... it cleared me up but i feel like my thing in not hormonal so dont worry yours is most likely too. unless you have past history of your family with adult acne
  4. hi there! well... my doctor said it might even be an allergie because i mean what the hell dude i just finished my course thats crazy! but anyway. my acne marks did fade its pretty hard to tell i have any red mars now. as for scars i have two rolled scars or what ecer they are called lol from some huge bastards that grew on each side of the top of my nose you know ehere the nose meets the forehead right next to the eye. i used to put on mederma and although i felt like it was helping at the mome
  5. hi guys i havent been here in a while.... but it turns out i started breaking out after my last month? what the hell? so yeah i got a bunch of dang pimples in my forehead and some in my cheeks its sucks! does anyone have any idea why this happened? or has this happened to anyone? i mean just like 3 days after i stopped i broke out! so i went to see my derm and well she decided to give me another month for 60 MG hopefully that will do.
  6. ive been off for about 1 month on my last month due to stupidity of my doctor and nurses. but i was suposed to be off for only 1 week due to bad liver results.
  7. i my self used to pick on my face a lot too. but i found it useful to not touch my face at all! and it help my theory is if you dont touch your face you dont feel the imperfections and have less need for picking also once i stopped picking i found that i would get less scars! yes! so i do not pick anymore for anyreason. besides im on accutane which mean if i pick im screwed,....
  8. hm. i am 95 lbs and on 60mg/day. i was on 40mg/day for the 1st month but was not showing any results or dry skin, so my derm upped me. i have a little bit of joint pain but this is normal for me...something i experienced at times pre-accutane. so i can't say if it's related or not. i get round 3 blood tests next week. one thing my derm said is that different people seem to have different absorbency rates, so it's not always solely based upon weight. i do try to take my tane with a solid meal
  9. got taken off again....... my last month come on!!!!!!!! i was on 60MG this time and had no beer i just got a call to tell me to stop taking it. they said in 2 weeks blood work but im doing it in one week because thats how i did it last time and it cameout great besides i need to get back in my medicine.... does it affect if i go off for a while? or does it remain the same?? pecae...
  10. hi guys so i just got a call from my derm today it turns out that my test came out bad again! grrr i didnt even drink this time!!! what the heck! anyway she said 2 weeks off and then do my lab but screw it im doing it in 1 week i cant go that long without my drug grrr im pissed lol. peace.....
  11. Day 148 hey guys i had my appointment on thurday and guess what! im on 80 MG for my last month wohoo!!!! so im almost done yeah!!!!!! i hope acne dies now lol. peace.......
  12. Day 141 hello everyone i got blood work done today! and im almost done!!!!!!! 1 more month to go. i have my next appointment this thursday.... i wish i get 80MG!!!!! wohoooo. so im sick and tired of taking my pill with peanut butter. what else could i eat to make it absorb to its fullest because these 5 months of eating it everyday makes me feel sick just by seeing it. :[ please give me some opinions guys! peace.....
  13. how far are you into the treatment? because yea accutane pretty much kills your ability yo do intense sports i highly doubt it will affect horseback riding... i love horses by the way theyre aweseome. my scars are significantly lighter than when i started in fact im pretty sure that theyre almost not notisable anymore..... peace....
  14. thanks for your reply well i am not really involved with any sports right now due to the fact that i can not handle them anymore. before i was enroled in soccer but now i notice that just about anything kills my joints. and as for my red marks im just letting them fade on their own is a verrrrry sloowwwww process but its going :].... peace............