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  1. Ok, first of all, let me say this: This might be offensive. If you're easily offended, close the damn page or tab (depends on your browser) right... NOW. On the other hand, if you like seeing things in perspective, read on, folks! So... I have acne. Well, don't we all? yep. So I have acne... and I register here, thinking to find something encouraging. Instead, I find a lot of... suicidal boys and gals. Literally. people that make me depressed. the bottom part of the society. people i can't e
  2. because it's a skin condition ruining self image, and that's nothing to laugh about.
  3. I see your point, Elsewhere, but there's a difference between "respectful and caring guy" and a "nice guy". A respectful and caring guy is great. A "nice guy" is overly caring - caring too much. Too respectful. Too tolerant. Too apologetic. In general, TOO NICE. You have got to be be respectful, care, but have some self worth too.
  4. it'll make you think that a ghost of dr. marthing luther kind junion is talking to you. or something similar. i wouldn;t do it if i were you...
  5. typical. you're too nice. you're putting their needs ahead of your own needs. that's cute. that's nice. that's NOT attractive. it's more of a psychological thing than an acne thing, really. find some info on a guy called David DeAngelo... he explains it in-depth.
  6. same here. i just feel... i don't wanna say depressed, i don't get depressed. this acne faced ugly dude AIN'T GETTIN' NO FREAKIN' DEPRESSION. I'm just sad. lonely, a bit. too self-conscious. getting less social by the day. let's face it folks, in a purely biological sense we are all, by definition, mutants.
  7. So, has anyone had any experiences with skinoren? How long have you been using? Once or twice a day? Etc...
  8. dude. you've just made my day. my kind of answers! abusive? yes. work every time? HELL YES.
  9. oh gee, you have what, 5, 6, 7 spots? Yup, that's really something to get upset about. Or slit wrists... crazy teens.