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  1. I finished my treatment! Here's my video discussing everything! Any questions, let me know.
  2. Taking pill 216 tonight. Here I am! Less than a month left on Accutane. I can honestly say that the breakouts have basically come to an end. I only have on tiny tiny whitehead on my left cheek but I'm pretty sure I'm to blame for that. It's actually on top of a scar, and I put a product on it that I'm pretty sure caused the breakout. I'm not stressing too much about it, though. Not worth it. My right side has been breakout-free for a little over a week now probably. I've also began to notice how
  3. Taking pill 183 tonight. Wow! Long time since my last update. Honestly, I can say that skin is doing pretty good atm. Am I still breaking out? Yes. However, they're usually small little things and are gone within two days (if that). Once again, breakouts are continuing to diminish. It's a sloooow progress, people. I'm slowly weening (is that the right word) myself off the make-up which feels amazing. I stopped wearing full-face foundation after I came back from Florida in July and have been usin
  4. Taking pill 159 tonight. Can I please just stop fucking breaking out? I'm like so fucking over this shit. My right cheek does not want to stop. I don't get it. I had about three breakouts on that cheek this week. Of course, those ones are healing now and now I feel another one popping up underneath. It's all in the same fucking area right in the middle of my cheek. I don't know what it was with that area on my skin, but it literally is zit after zit after zit. Everywhere else on my face is basic
  5. Yeah, one on my left cheek and a couple on my right cheek. It sucks.
  6. Taking pill 150 tonight. Since my increase I've noticed that while the breakouts are continuing to slow down, I'm still getting pimples. However, they are nowhere near as bad as the ones I had before. The ones now are tiny little minute whiteheads. I have one bigger one on my jaw-line that kinda came out of nowhere, but this is the biggest one I've had in over a few weeks so I can't complain. I think all of my comodones and under-skin pimples have erupted at this point. I may only have a few lef
  7. Taking pill 135 tonight. It's been quite awhile and there is so much to catch up on! So first I'll say that my skin behaved quite well over vacation. I think I broke out in maybe three pimples over a week. Not bad! I made sure I used SPF 50 every day. I got some sun, but my body is still a different color than my face. It sucks but it's better than an awful burn on my face. Now what is weird is ever since I've been back home my face had broke out a little more. Nothing crazy, nothing to worry ab
  8. Taking pill 120 tonight. I can't believe I start month five tomorrow! So, this may be my last update for a little over a week. I'm actually leaving for Florida tomorrow. Excited! Anyways, I have some good news and bad news. The good news first... My skin is looking pretty good. I really hope I'm not jinxing myself. I have only one little pimple on my face and that's it! The scars are still here, but I can deal. You best believe I'll be loading up on SPF when I'm on the beach, though. I hope some
  9. Taking pill 114 tonight. Continued to breakout this week, but yet again my breakouts are slowing down. The scarring is really sucking. Just yesterday, two whiteheads/comodones that have been sitting underneath my skin FOREVER finally erupted. I popped them because I was going out and didn't want them on my face. Now I'm stuck with redness and slight bumps. It sucks but I'm kinda happy that they're finally gone. Plus, I'm leaving for Miami in a week so it'll be nice knowing they're not gonna cree
  10. Taking pill 107 tonight. Not so much more to report from my last update except for the fact that the breakouts are still happening, but slowing down even more. This is the most grueling process I've ever put myself through. Swear! I really only have two or three actives and they're all really small. One just popped up this morning by my eye and is just a tiny little red mark and the other two are on my jawline (this part of my face doesn't want to give me a break). They're both pretty small, tho
  11. Taking pill 97 tonight. It's been quite awhile! I guess that's a good thing. Skin is continuing to progress, however I'm still breaking out. Purging and the IB is still nowhere near where it was the first three months, but it's still annoying getting pimples. The main thing I'm struggling with right now is my right cheek. I had millions of little comodones in a specific area and they all erupted but one or two. These suckers must have been really deep. The one came up two weeks ago and finally l
  12. Taking pill 84 tonight. Aside from this one FUCKING disgusting pimple type thing on my cheek, things are going great! Scars are seeming to fade and any pimples I do get are pretty minor and small. I've noticed that I'm getting less of any pimples as well. As I said, I just have this ridiculously gross one. It began forming a few weeks ago and then went away. Last week it came back and it's been on my face ever since. It's just a big red bump. Just a few minutes ago it looked like there was a hea
  13. So it's been awhile but I'm going to take pill 77 in a few minutes. Honestly since my last update not much has gone down. I still am breaking out but I can definitely see it slowing down. It's a very slow process to say the least. I've been feeling pretty decent about my skin the last few days, though. Today I went swimming and actually went under the water. Any make-up I had on probably came off and I was okay with it. I think my derm was right when he said people start seeing improvement durin