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  1. Even though I have been and am still a pill popper -- trying to gain some "control", I agree with you. I don't think your body is cut-out for all that we ingest. I am already old - and am still concerned with the next 20 years - will I get 20 more years... GotAcne ...day 11, Accutane...
  2. sure seems like a lot of you have taken more than one course of Accutane. That is not very encouraging for an Accutane newbie like me. It is almost like why bother as a chance of long term control is pretty slim -- it seems. GotAcne ...day 11, Accutane...
  3. I am only on day 7 of my Accutane adventure, but, so far, some right eye issues (dryness I guess, achy). And loss of appetite/nausea. Basically for the last 6 days I haven't ate dinner or snacks or anything after say 3pm (breakfast and lunch, but no dinner and night time snacking). It is like clock work - feel nausea/loss of appetite around that time and lasts till the next morning. The cysts/nodules continue to ache and I think a few of them have seem to bleed easy(not sure if that is a bad
  4. Was curious what your derm told you/did for you for your 4 nodules that have been hanging around? Did your derm suggest to you to use Noxema - is that the best choice for you - for moderate to severe acne?
  5. Adult-Cystic/Nodular Survey... 1. What is your age range (18-29, 30-49, 50+)? 2. How long have you battled cystic/nodulars? 3. Do you feel you have ever been discriminated against due to your cystic/nodulars (work, school, social settings, etc.)? 4. Have you done prescriptions for your cystic/nodulars? If so, wanna share what there were/are? 5. Have you found any control that doesn't require a prescription (special diet, holistic, etc.)? If so, wanna share what it is? 6.
  6. Hello, thanks for the compliments. The first three photos show my skin over the summer, before my latest breakout, and the last one shows my current state. You're right that I don't have a lot of acne on my forehead or cheeks, but I have some major cysts on my jawline and some pimples around my mouth. Very annoying. I tend to agree that it's possible that a single, long, high-dose course of Accutane might cure my acne, at least mostly, forever. However it's really hard to imagine being on
  7. There are enough side affects, precautions, and warnings with birth control pills -- and then combining that with all the side affects, precautions, and warnings that go along with Accutane...isn't birth control linked to breast cancer and Accutane linked to cemotherapy? Wouldn't the body be on overload? ...on day 6 of Accutane...
  8. What did you do to determine you were allergic to oranges - how did you figure that out? A coworker who got cysts on her chin after drinking orange juice but otherwise had perfect skin figured it out. Then watched me eat an orange everyday as an afternoon snack before mentioning it. It's not just oranges, it's other citrus too, but to different degrees. Ok-thanks for sharing. I had often wondered for myself if my cystic/nodulars were due to -- too much "Starbucks". I started that t
  9. What did you do to determine you were allergic to oranges - how did you figure that out?
  10. that heals??? And how can one gain this discipline to change over night - what they ingest? I read the book "How I Cleared My Acne In 3 Days" (or titled something like that) and for regular folk - how easy is it to eat nothing but apples for 3 days and do enemas?
  11. I am new to the board, and, wow to all the posts pro-Accutane and posts against Accutane. What is a desperate cyst/nodular sufferer to do? I am on day 5 of Accutane. I didn't want to do Accutane. Was totally against it - being aware of all the risks, side affects, etc. But, what is a sufferer to do when all other options are exhausted? Acne and Accutane sufferer - dazed and confused...
  12. I have been battling cystic/nodulars for the last 4 years. Throughout my teens, 20s and early 30's--had occasional zits (you know, one or two zits and you think life can't get any worse!). But, the last 4 years have been horrible. Where did they come from!!! Cystic/nodulars that have gotten worse -- started out with one about 4 years ago, now they are everywhere (primarily face). Just like everyone else - tried everything. Creams, washes, you name it from Walmart. Creams, antibiotics, pill