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  1. ive noticed the same thing w/ my scars & wondered the same thing ppl commonly say if you stretch your skin & can see the scars disappear then it will prolly respond well to treatments (like lasers) i dont know how accurate that is, but it gives me hope for when i finally get laser treatments
  2. tried searching for a similar topic but didnt find much basically, if youve gotten: fraxel re:pair fraxel re:store total fx deep fx or something similar, id like to know what percent better did it make your scars & how many sessions did that take? e.g., "50% better after 5 esssions"
  3. if its any consolation lots of ppl still get scarring from going on prescriptions like accutane (im one of them) you prolly still would have scarred on accutane but im in the same position where i have no $ for treatments & its slowly affecting all other aspects of my life
  4. speaking of "invasive" treatments like peels, subcisions/excisions, lasers, dermarolling, etc. not creams & stuff from my (limited) knowledge, it would seem like subcision is the best bet (for rolling scars @ least). relatively low price. adverse complications being overcorrection, temporary bruising, or nothing. or maybe dermarolling?
  5. +1 for anecdotal evidence accutane causes scarring i have slight indentations from where i had acne my 2nd time on accutane not sure if it caused any scars my 1st time on it, but i was very cognizant the 2nd time around the weird thing is i dont think they were very apparent while i was on accutane. it was only after i stopped that it became more pronounced
  6. interesting take. thanks. yeah, most of the time when im looking in mirrors the light is sufficiently ok that my scars dont look that bad. but ive toyed around enough w/ bad lighting to know how to really bring them out on realself.com deepfx seems to have a much higher rating than other co2 lasers, but im not sure if its appropriate for my asian skin
  7. im asian w/ fairly dark complexion i think what do you think my best options are for scar treatment? these were taken under the harshest light that i could get. 150w bulb directly overhead
  8. thanks. i appreciate it. yeah, i try not to let the scarring affect my mood/social life too much. and i must say that i think i am holding up pretty well on that end. however, when i am by myself its hard not to scrutinize
  9. also, for anyone chiming in to say wait for the scars to fill in... its been about 6 months since ive been off my 2nd round of accutane. some days the scars look ok, lately ive felt they are pretty bad.
  10. trying to cut a long story short... i took accutane maybe 4 or 5 years ago? pretty sure i alternated 10mg to 20mg/day for a week or two before hitting 40/mg. went through the whole course & it worked wonders. clear skin. no scars. no other permanent side effects acne slowly came back such that i decided to go on a second course in august '08. obviously since i had such great experiences the first time i thought nothing of it but was pretty frustrated dealing w/ acne generally that i jus
  11. yeah its weird, after i use tazorac @ night, when i wake up from a good nights rest my deepest scars are usually raised almost so much that they arent noticeable. then again, its possible its just a side effect from getting a good nights rest inevitably though, my face looks pretty haggard by the end of the day
  12. thanks for the advice yeah, i have (low) hopes for using the tazorac i have over the next 2 years & seeing if that even marginally improves my skin before actually taking the leap to surgical procedures
  13. thanks for the response the orange peel texture is the closest comparison i have that im guessing is what people call rolling scars. like, if i look @ my face in the right light & move my head slightly back & forth the texture ripples/looks like an orange peel. i think its probably due to the accutane. both times i took it it changed the texture of my skin, especially on my cheeks where most of my acne was
  14. the weird shininess is due to the moisturizer i just put on & the lighting i think