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  1. i also want a allergy/intollerance/food test thing but gave up after i tried looking it up and best thing i could find was send your blood to norway and they test it costing a few thousand dollars... how much did your test cost mustang? does medicare or private health insurance cover any of it? thanks
  2. hello. whenever i go away on holidays (bali/thailand/vietnam) my acne starts to clear, posted about this before and it was concluded it was the malaria medicine (doxy). but went on another holiday and without medicine acne was pretty much clear in 3 days (woke up next day and MASIVE reduction in redness). no change in diet, medicine or anything. only thing different to my normally day to day life was the high humidity and low humidity. so heres the problem. in the day the humidity was very h
  3. i like having it with orange juice or cordiol around 20mils 1-2 times a day, after a few days i hardly noticed the taste.
  4. i ust to just have it with skim milk and a little bit of ice cream or milo. although i stoped taking whey protein cause of the $$. now i just go skim milk, 3-4 eggs (half with yolks) and some ice cream, blend it up and its 40g of protein. dont think its quite as good as whey because it is absord slower but its alot cheaper.
  5. anyone know? you'll make me a happy happy person if you tell me. i limited my diet alot and noticed a big improvement, but im unsure on the culpret. would a nutritionest or demertoligist be better to see? could i give them some blood and the machine goes to work and gives me a clear cut answer?
  6. anyone know what kind of tests are available for finding the link between acne and allergies/intolerances? Dairy contributes a lot to my acne but I’m uncertain of the specifics, i realy want to find out more about it. it seems pretty common, is it an allergy? intolerance? lactose? or something different?
  7. hello. read an article that said alot of acne is cause by food allergies. so is there a tests for food allagies? will they work for acne? thanks.
  8. so once you start your in for life? what happens if you stop? know if its expensive?
  9. hello. went to local gp for an acne treatment and he sent me away for blood tests. repeat tests came back with pretty low testosterone levels. He hasn't put me on testosterone replacement therapy yet (as apart from acne and the blood tests im prefect health, put me on differin in the mean time and thats done nothing) however he wants me to come back in 3 months - if its still low he suggests testosterone replacement therapy? Would love to know experiences and/or information on this. didn't di
  10. yeah it makes you go blind too.. jk i seriosuly doubt there is any decent connection between mastrurbation and acne. masturbation is seen as "bad" by some, and the threat of acne is probly seen as more effective (for the younger age group) deterient than the old going blind idea.
  11. Doxycycline -This medicine is a tetracycline antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. This medicine is not effective treating infections caused by viruses. ... that was 5 mins of research What do you think about using this to clear acne?
  12. yeah i think it could of been the medicatation, docycyclene (spelling?$#?) was the medication i think does anyone know if i would be able to get this medication easily. was everyone else on medication when they experienced same thing?
  13. yeah probly right, it weid though cause i live at the beach and swim once or twice a week and dont notice any changed, also the change was realy fast and dramatic i spose it must be a combination of the climate and everything else
  14. hello i am 20 yr old male that has had medium acne for the past 5 or so years.. recently i went to bali for 3 weeks and i found that it cleared almost completly, i was acne free for the first time in years and didn't get pimples for the entire time i was over there and then acne returned when i came home. im looking for answers to understand why this happned. anyone know why or has experienced the same thing? i was there june-july this year. i have thought about why this happned, but every