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  1. As of this morning (sixth day counting treatment day as one) my skin is very much back to normal in appearance. Granted it is not done healing but at this point do not think anyone will notice or mention my appearance. I am on my way to work and I work under heavy fluorescent lighting, so we will see.
  2. I had my smoothbeam treatments and Vbeam treatments at incredibly low cost, $50 per session full face. A nurse did something involving paperwork that got her fired and in the mix I received a deal on the treatments. I am glad the treatments didn't cost much more though because they did very little for my active acne which is what I was going for. I do not suggest it as a good treatment for active acne as it only slowed it a bit and after stopping sessions my oil production became more than eve
  3. Five days after receiving my first fraxel (counting the treatment day as one), the bronzing was loose enough to where it would flake off if lightly brushed. Whether or not it is in my best interest I decided to go ahead and exfoliate my entire face, having dealt with acne for so many years you know when something is ready to flake off. I am sure people heal at different rates and that it depends on the individual and their treatment level, but for me it was 120hrs later. My skin looks much b
  4. As far as my neck I have pretty much no scarring to speak of but my jaw line does. He was the most aggressive on the jaw line scarring and used the same settings for the whole face. He dipped onto my neck because he saw some active acne, but I feel the laser was set too high for the neck as it reacted the most severely to it. My settings as I gathered were 50, 8, 8... I will get the exacts next time I see him.
  5. I take issue with that thread as it is, "too big". I mean it started in '05 and isnt even the current laser in use until around the 200th page, all around very hard to read through and I have managed to read most of it. Finding any info you are looking for is ridiculous, kinda like reading the whole bible just to find the ten commandments...but still thank you.
  6. fraxe11

    48hrs Post Fraxel

    Shows the demarcation line between treated and untreated, as well as the beginning of the "bronzing".
  7. It is now roughly 48hrs since my first fraxel treatment and I woke up today very dry regardless of the globs of aquaphor I had on. I have started to notice the "bronzing" or light browning of some spots which looks as though they will dry and flake off sometime tomorrow. I do have a question for you guys though, at this point should I allow the skin to dry out a bit and encourage this bronzing effect to flake off? Or should I continue using aquaphor/heavy moisturizing to discourage the flakin
  8. fraxe11

    Pre-Fraxel Treatment

    Forehead, sides of nose, jawline...
  9. I have started a series of fraxel treatments as of yesterday. I took some before photos (they are in my gallery) and plan to take them after each session as well, of course it was hard to get them to look their worst when actually trying to... I will start posting results two weeks after each session and I am suppose to get five full face treatments. The plastic surgeon I am going to took many pics and they were in some really nasty fluorescent lighting, I am suppose to pick them all up (befor