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  1. it must be possible because i have like 7 raised scars from accutane that look like acne on my jawline. im gonna try out some silicone gel as i hear its my best bet. i also try and keep it moisturized with vitamin e
  2. hey i am also asian and have red marks like you, except i have like 100x more lol. im just wondering how do you get your skin to look like that with makeup? im a guy so i have no clue so please help! thanks and good luck with your accutane course!
  3. I start school in 2 days and I REALLY dont want to go! Im on accutane and it is helping but my face looks horrible from a BUNCH of dark/red marks. The marks have destroyed my self esteem and ive come to the point where im trying to hide in bright lights and avoiding eye contact and its really just eating me up inside.. i think the only way to even show myself in public is with light light makeup (im a guy). I really dont want to wear makeup but it seems like my only choice till the marks fade th
  4. hey del glad to hear things are moving in a positive direction! anyways just a heads up you shouldn't be taking pain killers while on accutane cause they can also harm your liver like accutane so you dont want to increase your chances of harming your liver. anyways cant wait till we are both clear only if we could fast forward few months haha
  5. your not alone, my face is currently like 85% red marks . Im on accutane so not a lot of actives but red marks are just as bad and i start school this week. I think im going to have to turn to makeup till my marks fade cause these red marks are really bringing me down too
  6. ive been on accutane for almost a month, and like you i am getting smooth skin but will lots of redmarks left over. From what i have read about red marks and accutane is that accutane slows down your healing, so red marks stay longer than avg. So apparently when your off accutane you will start to heal those red marks much faster.
  7. ive also wondered before if this could work, its a good theory and would be awesome if it could work
  8. i just ordered some emu oil on ebay so hopefully it will work. thanks Del!
  9. Day16 Picture update! So my skin seems much healthier, a lot less breakouts but LOTS of redmarks left by previous breakouts. My skin is much smoother but it still looks like i have lots of acne because of the redmarks even tho i have a lot less active spots. Its really taking a toll on my self esteem, im thinking of buying some foundation to help cover up.. anyone have any recommendations that look really natural on a guy?
  10. accutane makes you very sensitive to the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen everytime you are out in the sun
  11. ^ you shouldnt be working out twice a day, your body needs rest lol
  12. thanks kazuya ill will look into those!
  13. ah i know exactly how your feeling, like WHY THE FACE loll id rather have severe back acne then severe face acne
  14. Day 12 ugh a few new zits popping up on my forehead, one on my chin, and a nasty multihead one beside my nose Hopefully these will be gone as fast as they came. Skin is still not dry or oily (not sure if i have normal or sensitive skin lol) ive never had oily skin tho. Only side effect is slighty chapped lips, but i just got some aquaphor for that. The dried blood in my nose seemed to stop for now. I just got my first car today so hopefully it will keep my mind off acne for a while lol
  15. Im just wondering what i could do/use during accutane that will help with red marks?? my acne is clearing but leaving horrible red marks! Ive heard of ACV, vitamin e, and emu oil. Anyone have any success with these? i use a acv toner sometimes but i cant really tell if its working