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  1. "yo Adrienne!" sorry couldnt resist you must get tired of that though :-D

  2. im glad u had a good experience wit accutane :)))))) and ur looking great!!

  3. i have a straightener... but it doesnt help much. my hair is pretty straight as long as the humidity is low.... but any humidity at all, my hair is wavy (mostly the underneath part) and no amount of hair products or straightening irons will smooth it out for more than 10 mins. im fine with it really.... my skin is clear and i have my life back
  4. my hair was straight and turned really thick and wavy after taking accutane. ive been off accutane for more than a year and it hasnt gone back to the way it was before... guess its the price i paid for clear skin. i think it was worth it
  5. i have been off accutane 1 year ago to the day! its amazing how much more i enjoy life without acne. i remember how hard the first few months of accutane are with the initial breakout.... the fear of long term side effects.... and then once i was clear, the fear of my acne coming back after accutane. luckily i am a success story and am SOOOOOOOO thankful for this drug. best of luck everyone!
  6. 1. I never exercise but I did have joint pain while i was on acctane that went away after i finished my course. 2. I turned 21 while i was on accutane so i drank pretty often and my blood tests always came back fine and said my liver was functioning fine. 3. I have been off accutane for 10 months and havent had any long term side effects that im aware of... besides clear skin
  7. i recommend a drink called Propel. it is grape vodka, water, and a splash of cranberry. tastes just like the fitness water I like it because it isnt too sweet, the water helps keep you hydrated, and its lower calories than most drinks. i drank regularly when i was on accutane and never had any problems with my blood tests
  8. my skin got worse for the first 10 weeks, then suddenly stopped breaking out and improved every week until i finished my course. ive been 99% clear for almost a year now so hang in there!!! i know how frustrating it is in the beginning, but the results are sooooo worth it in the long run
  9. being 99% clear feels like 110% clear. the 1% doesnt even really count as pimples.... i just get like one TINY pimple the size of a pin head that goes away on its own in the matter of a day and it only happens about once a month. i havent had a REAL pimple or cyst in a year now. trust me, i didnt think i would be a success story either. it still seems to good to be true so hopefully you will be a success story too! good luck
  10. i know EXACTLY how you feel. 1 year ago i was about 10-11 week into my accutane course. i made the mistake of poping a pimple and the skin around it just slid off. I have pics in my gallery of the initial breakout that i thought would never end. i recommend using a light moisturizer on your face and a thicker cream on the raw spot. i even used a little peroxide and ointment so it wouldnt get infected. let a scab form and the best way to cover it is to put on your makeup like usual, then use a sm
  11. not only that but the girls who get pregnant while on accutane and decide to have the baby cant afford to take care of all of it's medical/health problems so the tax payers/government end up having to pay for the childs healthcare. you know how the ipledge thing tells you to call their 1-800 number if you become pregnant? i wonder what they say.... tell you to have an abortion? just kinda curious about that
  12. i was confused about the iPledge pregnancy test rules at first too.... but FORGET about the 19 days after the first test, 5 within starting your period rule.... it doesnt matter. my doctor didnt enforce that stupid rule as long as i had 2 pregnancy tests within 2 months. the reasoning behind that rule is just to make sure you are not pregnant before you start accutane. there is nooo way they will know if you had your peorid 5 days ago or 500 days ago as long as you arent pregnant. there is no u
  13. you just need to have a negative pregnancy test 30 days before starting accutane, be signed up for iPledge, and proof that you are on 2 forms of birth control. then the day you get your prescription, you will need ANOTHER pregnancy test and bloodwork. it definitely doesnt hurt to double check your doctor though! mine forgot to sign me up for iPledge so i had to wait the 30 day lock out peoriod TWICE! i was sooo upset! iPledge's only purpose it to keep women from getting pregnant while on accutan
  14. ps. i cant even tell that you have acne in your profile pic! acne or no acne, you seem like an attractive guy
  15. wow i genuinely feel bad for you. i stuffered with acne for 10 years and have been clear for the past year because of accutane, so i cant imagine how i would feel if i have been on 6 courses with no improvement. i wish i had some advice for you on what to try next, but it sounds like you have tried just about everything. maybe the accutane alternative you mentioned would be worth a shot. its such a terrible feeling not knowing if you will out grow acne. its funny that you mention applying for di