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  1. i just got the Duac today. Can i use Dan's BP in the morning and Duac at night?
  2. Hi guys, i went to the GP today. He gave me Duac. I just wonder if i can apply dan's treatment in the morning and Duac at night?
  3. Nice start!! I am thinking to take doxycycline as well ( have an appointment with my doctor on Thurs) And my situation is VERY similar to yours. One of my biggest problem is picking! I just can't help. So i remind myself whenever i look into the mirror. Hope we can get better soon!!
  4. I am back again..I remembered my face was almost clear around Feb 2009, which meant i had only using the regimen for 3 months more (didn't use the moisturizer quite often). As my face became really good, i stopped the regimen. And now i notice it was a BIG mistake. Last summer I went back to my home-country and started to have the same problem again. I tried a lot of products but none worked for me. How could i forget it was the Regimen to get me thru the tough time in 2008 and 2009. So i decide
  5. I've been suffering from moderate severe acne for four months more and tried defferent methods to clear the acne on my face...... but none works well for me. Drives me super crazy, and im kinda frustrated! 10-23 I just got the package ( starter kit) today and have started using them. Evening: Cleanser > my skin felt a little bit tight . but it got dead skin off BP > my skin felt a little hot n tight but gone very soon Moisturizer > felt pretty go