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  1. I am on my second month and love every day of it. No bad side effects, only dry lips
  2. Today I took my 11th accutane pill . My acne could be considered very mild but I’ve been battling pimples for years now and nothing seemed to work and they left scars so my derm. give me accutane. Maybe u should change doctors …
  3. I took diane 35 for years and it is the only pc pill that didn’t cause any skin problems but 2 years ago a very smart doctor took me off them and put me on some cheap crap that give me the worst acne ever . Now I am on diane again but there is too much damage done and I am afraid that this time diane it’s not enough, it helped a lot but I am going on accutane next week because I want to be done with acne forever.
  4. The derm. told me to take 40 for the first month and then see if it needs any adjustments. I actually got the pills today but I will not start to take them already. I have to decide if I take them before I go in vacation (27 aug. – 3 sep.) or after, I don’t want to be a B… during this time …lol. :mrgreen:
  5. I have mild acne too but I am fighting it for more then 4-5 years so today I asked for accutane and for my surprise, the derm. told me “yes, of course !! “ :wink:
  6. For some reason I was thinking that usually u start with 10 or 20. :redface2:
  7. i am finally going on accutane (well, if my blood tests come out ok) . The derm. Put me on 40 in the beginning, isn’t this too high ?
  8. I have combination / dry / dehydrated / sensitive skin and these are some of the products that worked for me (from the hundreds that I’ve tried) Cleanser : - Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser - Topix Ultra Gentle Cleanser (u can buy this only online, the good part is that it is under 10$ and it’s made specially for people on retin a, plastic surgery etc., this is the only foaming cleanser that doesn’t dry my skin) - Alpha Hydrox foaming cleanser (this is not bad but it depends
  9. If u want a really good and non-comedogenic gel – lotion with 2% tea tree oil get Derma E Tea Tree and E face and Body moisturizing gel This gel – lotion has a very simple formula : Purified water, glycerin, tea tree oil, tocopheryl acetate (vit. E), carbomer, potassium sorbate, methylparaben, tea, polysorbate 20. , it is under 10 $ usually and it works great.
  10. Just wondering how much accutane usually costs w/o any medical plan etc. I am in Canada …
  11. It’s a good cleanser and on MUA it has very good reviews so give it a try !
  12. the truth it’s that if u have acne it’s not the best idea to use oils … Unfortunately I’ve been looking for the perfect moisturizer for years and haven’t found it. Right now I use Aloe Vera gel (98% from Jason) mixed with very little Cetaphil cream and it seems to work great with the moisturizing but during day I use sunscreen.