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  1. Or you could get to know here. That way you can know what she likes and if your compatible.
  2. haha dont use that spot treatment all over your face. You will run out of it stupid fast. It worked O.K. for me... After awhile though I think its a waste of time. Since, you cant even change your kit around.If you could I would get a cleanser and 3 spot treatments, but nope can't do it. Oh, and don't over use it,my face was burning like no other.
  3. I'm 'round here a lot. You'll definitely be seein' me again, . I need to take a shower and get my beauty sleep as well, . It's been a long day. Night night. BTW -- I'm Brianna, .
  4. .... Needed some time to get my jaw off the floor. Yea, well I got a little darker after the trip. People seriously think black folk' can't tan. Anywhooze, gotta quit jackin this poor guys thread. I need my beauty sleep. Talk to ya' when I see ya'?
  5. My great uncle is white. He is from england, moved to Jamaica back when the queen became the queen. My family is really mixed. My sis' has light light green eye's.Everyone is light skinned. I got my skin color from my Grandfather actually about your skin color. Oh, and no one in my family is controlling except my two Jamaican grandMOTHERS.
  6. Yea, 3/4 Jamaican, born here though. My mom is full Jamaican and my dad is half. They got married there. I seriously want to do the same. haha. OK. So sorry for the hijack BUT I have a good excuse. EDIT I must say I havn't had a real friend since the 8th grade. Seems, like everyone at my school is perpetrating. Everyone has a frikin' agenda and crap'. EDIT 2 The fact that this was hijacked showes you that your acne isnt anything to worry about.
  7. Hell, people say i'm attractive all the time! I mean hell why do i have to be soooo good lookin' you know. ahahahaha I kid. I kid. I'm 18. BUT before you say ANYTHING let me just say that no matter what age, you can still appreciate true beauty. You know there is alot of good people but, it seem's its hard to find REAL people, you know what I'm saying? Anyway, I just realized I was just in South Carolina passing through the airport on the way back from Jamaica.
  8. Yah, I figured you would be far away . Around here we don't get women the caliber as you.
  9. LOL. What the crap, that was so rude, . If thats you in your avatar you are perty. Seriously.