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  1. Hey Guys im jus looking for a bit of help really to see if anyone has any advice on here before my docs appointment on friday, I found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child (yay! after trying for a year!) and i am using dans cleanser bp and AHA. Does anyone has any experience with the products and pregnancy? is it ok to use while pregnant? i'm hoping its ok as ive stopped using the products incase not, which has now made me break out (arrrghhh) and i have to wait 5 days before seeing my doctor fo
  2. wills87


    I had the same problem, and it was mainly cus i was using 1/3 of the bp so early, i was thinking gone week 1 now ramp up the dosage, i was so desparate to get rid of the acne but wrong choice! did it too soon, so i layed off the bp for one morning an night then started again with a pea size amount, I did that and great stuff i found that my face would not get so red, maybe a lil at first but after few minutes it go normal, it did still sting tho, which i then i decided to try a diffrent moister
  3. hey there me too ! had the same problem, been on this for 4 weeks now so added the aha in to replace my moisteriser an bam, 3 big spots the next day!! i read up on the AHA it cleanses your skin and replaces skin cells so for first time use it may cause a break out, my spots didn stay long only 2 days! keep with it........x
  4. Hey ........... Ive been on the regimen for 4 weeks now, and had that too at 2 weeks, major flakness and dry dry skin, i added jojoba Oil to my moisteriser and it really helped my skin!! Also evey 3 days i will use it on my face and massage it in, jus before i get in shower i massage about 5 drops of jojoba oil into my skin getting all the flakes off, leave for 2 mins and jump in shower, I do my regimen as normal then, really helped me, hope this info helps you.........x
  5. hey.......yea the burning thing is a pain but worth it, i experienced burning sensation so much i nearly gave up but after a good read on here and listening to people and eading Dans FAO's i figured out the mouiteriser may not have been for me so i tried some simple light hydrating moisterising cream to replace Dans and i havent looked back......x
  6. Hey My husband gets this also!!! we thought it was from him working in a warehouse with all the dust as it only seems to dissapear when we go away on holidays in the sun. Has anybody else had this, really would like to know how your treating them
  7. Good advice guys! Think i'll try that tonight.........x
  8. I add 3 drops in my moisteriser and its brilliant for me......x
  9. Hi guys mine would burn! really red and a burning sensation, tingled for about half hour, i read the FAQ's on this site and found the moisteriser may not be for me, so i switched to Simple hydrating light moisteriser with 3 drops of Jojoba oil after some reading up on here and it doesnt stin or burn at all!! when i applied it i had such a relief it hadnt started to sting and it glided on I know you do get bit stinging, but mine was so bad i was even thinking about stopping it, once i chang
  10. I found i had very bad, dry skin and flakey skin after a week so i tried jojoba oil, 3 drops in my moisteriser and it works wonders, i have no dryness or flakes at all! i love it! I'm from the uk so cant help anyone who's not from here sorry, but anyone who is from uk jojoba oil is in most health shops..........x
  11. Hi Karlos You may have up'd the bp too quick, I was on week 2 and up'd it to 1 pump from a pea size amount and i had bright red face for 20 mins very dry and flakey and after applying moisteriser id have burning sensation. After reading up on here, i put my bp down to 3/4's of a pump and it calmed down, i still had a bit of redness and burning so i changed my moisteriser after reading the FAQ on this site, and i dont have any redness at all, any dryness and no burning! Your moisteriser maybe
  12. Zilong I was he same, really dry and soooo flakey, i added 3 drops of jojoba oil to my miosteriser and i dont have flakeyness or dryness anymore........x
  13. Hey myskin21 Hows the peel looking?? did u have active acne while doing it? is the product only from america? im in the uk so dont know if i can purchase it, i have lots of old and new red and dark red scars but also have active acne........x
  14. Hi Wharen well every morning and night this is what i did. I would cut half a lemon up squeeze one half lemon into a lil bowl and squeeze the other half into a glass, I then would wash my face with a gentle cleanser (bodyshop aleo vera foaming facewash is what i used) i would then pat dry. Once dry jus get a cotton pad and wipe up the juice from the bowl and apply gently to my face with the pad, avoiding the eye area, i would leave this on for about 10 - 15 minutes like a mask, then was
  15. Hiya guys following on from what i said about this, i tried the simple moistering cream and the jojoba oil mixed together instead of dans moisteriser and its brilliant!!! Im not so red and theres NO stinging!! I have hardly any dryness either, no flakes, no itching and can open my mouth wide LOL! so for me it must have been Dans moisteriser that was making my face the way it was, fingers crossed i dont get a break out from the oil now tho, i used it last night and this morning and so far s