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  1. I haven't visited this site in a while. I used to visit it when my skin was terrible and sought advice. My diet pretty much consisted of standard american crap and before i figured that highly refined foods was a major contributor to my acne my face was completely torn with inflammation and white heads. Now that I've found my triggers I have been careful to avoid certain foods completely, or I moderate their intake ( this is important as I still eat them from time to time). For example, re
  2. I guess it worked for him, thats all that matters. Doesn't for me. But maybe for someone else it may help lessen the condition. On a side note, MSM has been very good to me as of late, taking it for 3 weeks straight.
  3. Random question but, when my face itches, i try my hardest not to scratch, but when i do, the area becomes inflammed. Is there a way to remedy this?
  4. old thread, but MSM seems to be having a positive effect on my acne which is a bit mild-moderate at times, not severe. It has definitely had an impact on my digestion, and my scars have faded a bit. I've been taking it for nearly 3 weeks now. I'd recommend you all to give it a try. My mom recommended me to use some of her sulfur and before i knew it I began clearing up ( along with a somewhat healthy diet). I take one tsp mixed in a glass of water upon first waking up, and a tsp in the eveni
  5. eh ,damn genetics, probably coupled with my eating habits too
  6. Good thread.. Would any of you consider a 6'1 male at 149 ibs to be skinny?
  7. Why am I able to eat junk food ( Twix, Honey buns, snack cakes etcc) in the context of other foods that don't normally break me out and not break out? Junk food has always been one the main triggers for me, but if i eat them with say " spaghetti, chicken, rice" etc.. nothing happens? I noticed I'm able to pull this off with other high sugar fruits that were a problem for me as well. Might be a weird question but i'm just curious to see if there are any theories out there..
  8. Fried foods-Almost certain they break me out.. Milk Thats about it honestly.
  9. Anyone ever tried using aloe internally? It has been claimed to help with digestive issues as well as detoxification. Maybe some peeps can shed some intel or experience with this, if so, any affect on acne?
  10. I've got no problem with it. in fact, all the foods that used to *break me out* don't, as long as I eat them within the context of *acne-free* foods, or those that don't cause me to break out.
  11. I doubt it. I would look into Salicylic acid treatments. My face was heavily dark, hyperpigmented from years of pimple popping, ACV/ Lemon Juice, h202 ( high grade), and Glycolic mistreatment. I ended up burning my face instead of getting rid of the scars/acne that persisted at the time. Salicylic acid has done WONDERS. ever since my mom became an esthetician, she has been giving me the salicylic treatments every 4 weeks, and my face is near beautiful right now its exciting to see all th
  12. I may be wrong, but aren't carbs supposed to provide energy? I've always been under the impression that if you want to gain weight, you simply consume more calories then you burn, with protein after work outs to feed the muscles. And I can not, for the life of me, gain any weight, i just dont have the money to do it.