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  1. ummmmm........ robert. go to www.nexopia.com and join. then add me, ok? i'm called "katrina15" but don't add the ""'s, oktay?
  2. enough of the wigger stuff. no more! anyway, no your acne is not bad at all.
  3. Srrry... I'm not. Anuyway, whateva.
  4. HEY PEOPLE!! Keep talkin' to me, oktay?
  5. prolly real old i'm guessing... anyway... let's be buds. AND TELL ME HOW OLD YOU ARE PLEASE!!!
  6. YA OTAY. whatever... srrry i'm losing my kewl wit u but ur so ungrateful.
  7. Thanks Robert! Your a real charmer... hehe! Send me a private message... we could talk together some... hehe! GOD BLESS YA!
  8. OKAY DOKEY... You can privately send me a message if you like and we can exchange email addys. buh bye BUDDY!!! YOU ARE LOVED!
  9. THANKS A BUNCH! Umm... I'm on proactive right now. I guess that could be called a regimen then, eh? Anyway, THANKS A LOT!
  10. I THINK I LOVE YOU TOO! How old are you anyway? I'm 15...
  11. Really? Hmmm... that sucks. I think you should SERIOUSLY contact a dermatologist and tell him/her that and get a cream that is much stronger. Even if it drys out your skin, I would say that is a good start because then there is a strong possibility in your acne going away quicker.
  12. Hmm... what's this stuff you guys have been using? The problem with my face is that it is quite red and in some areas there are bumps... but in a few areas where it is red and there are blemishes... my skin is completely smooth! What's the deal with my skin??? How can I get rid of these blemishes quickly?
  13. Probably, you should consult a dermatologist with the problem. They're usually very helpful. Also, try using ProActive Solution. I'm using it and it seems to be helping me... give it a go!
  14. Yes, umm... ok. Good point, but remember... we need to put aside our differences and work on what's inside, that's what people are going to really care about! If you are friendly, outgoing, and lovable... you enjoy life and are adventerous... or whatever your characteristics are, people will look at your heart, not your face. I know y'all want to look good on the outside too. Don't overdo the makeup, that never is impressing, apply ProActive Solution, or whatever you use to your acne everyday an
  15. Hmm... that is very odd. I've never heard of that before. Anyway, what types of creams and such are you using to prevent your acne problems???