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  1. Hi Mousie! I had a bad experience with tetracycline that caused me to have severly dry skin. Not just my face but my legs too. I stopped the med after only 4 days in August of last year and my skin has never went back to the way it used to be. It also caused my face to explode with acne and itch really bad which is what led me to acne.org. I took the tetra for something non acne related and then ended up with a ton of problems. I would say that everyone's body responds differently to meds but
  2. My hair gets super greasy about 1 hours after washing it. If I skip a day. it is really gross. For me, I don't think it has anything to do with shampoos. My husband says I have a shampoo obsession because I always have at least 6 different kinds.
  3. I like cetaphil but have never used purpose. My skin is very sensitive and also is normal to dry. More dry than normal. I wash my face, pat dry, leave a little damp and apply cetaphil facial moist. to combat the dryness. I do this morning and night. It does not fight acne though.
  4. I am not taking it yet so I can't answer your question. To spiro users. Was your hair greasy prior to spiro and if so, is it still. I find that when I wash my hair in the morning, sometimes it is greasy by evening and if I skip 1 day without washing it, it is super greasy and gross.
  5. Hi Tricia... I'm Trisha too, lol. It's so GREAT to hear that there is someone out there that takes spiro w/out drinking water!!!!
  6. frustratedgirl

    Right Side of Face

    Weekly pictures of right side of face. It can only get better from here :)
  7. frustratedgirl

    Left Side of Face

    Weekly pictures. It can only get better.
  8. Thanks for the response fromipanema! How long have you been on spiro and which bc are you taking? I hope someday I can give others advice as so many have helped me.
  9. Thank you Polska!! He was surprised... he has gotten use to it now though. I hav another hair appt. next week and I am trying to decide what to do. It has grown out a lot in this short time. As for my teeth, they are really white and that is one thing that I like about my face. Sometimes its a bit of a distraction from the acne, ha ha.
  10. I don't take it but really want to. I am waiting on new insurance to kick in. I have been worried about starting it just because I don't drink any water. I only drink mountain dew which I know is not good. I have also been wondering if it causes sun sensitivity. Did your doctor say anything about that? Do you tan?
  11. Jgirl - Have you seen any side effects? Do you drink a lot of water?