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  1. hello guys and gals. starting in august of 2003, i started using accutane. i went to the doctor, told him thats what i wanted and thats what he gave me. about to start my freshman year of college, i didn't want to have acne as a problem. prior, i was on minocycline for about 8 months and it worked great until it started wearing off. i believe i just stressed too much and should have continued since it worked so well, but my friend took accutane and his skin was so clear. i took his advice
  2. wondergirl, stick to the minocycline even if it doesn't seem like it will work. there are no quick fixes for acne and you might not even notice any improvement after a month. i took minocycline after my doctor prescribed it to me and i got lazy and stopped after a month because i didn't see an improvement. a month later i went to the derm and she gave me minocycline again so this time i stuck to it and within 3 months, i looked in the mirror and i was like wow im much clearer than 3 months a
  3. i am almost finished w/my accutane, maybe like a week left. accutane caused me to get cysts which i never had before and I am left with a lot of redness and some light scarring. sometimes i think i might have been better off if i didn't take it because my skin wasn't that bad. question is, how long did redness take to go away?
  4. mino is good stuff, worked for me for a while until i got off of it, now on the tane and the initial run mino is probably inho better but in the long run and overall accutane is better just because it last longer if not permenantly
  5. i have some zetacet, sulfacetamide, and was wondering if i should use it while on accutane. anyone know?
  6. week 5, doesn't seem like the acne is going away. the cyst really take a long time to clear up. two are almost completely gone but i got a few new ones as well. my forehead got better but still isn't close to clear. hopefully i will see some changes in a week or two.
  7. shoulda said, so i could show you ur ugly ass reflection
  8. try accutane if possible, i think it works for most people. if not atleast minocycline or something, seemed to work good for me and im asian but it did come back. so now im on the accutane patiently waiting to be cured!
  9. i took it, after 3 months the results were pretty drastic. worked real well, but i regret not going ahead and starting accutane. towards my 7th month of mino, it started coming back. accutane has a beter chance of keeping acne off than minocycline to me. now im on accutane and i have 3 more months to go which may be the next toughest months of my life unless accutane decides to stay consistent instead of messing around with me.
  10. i don't think depression is a direct side affect caused by accutane. i think its possibly present before accutane or the real side effects of accutane can make a person depressed. taking accutane right now, the effects its having is like a cycle. one day i feel there is progress, the next day I break out with cyst. It really makes me not want to go out and wonder if accutane is going to work for me, but in the end I know it will even though it maybe a little rough for the next few months. d
  11. day 27 I think my forehead is starting to clear up since I really haven't gotten any new pimples there. i think i just got a new cyst on my left cheek which raises the count to 5 on my left check and 1-2 on my right cheek. just over a week ago i had only three cyst which all seem to be fading. dumb new cysts! going to the derm tomorrow for my first month check up.
  12. day 24, week 4 i really hope this is the initial breakout, my face has been at its worst since i can remember and even maybe the worst in my life. my forehead small whiteheads and postules. my checks got cysts and as some were fading, a few more showed up. its like i get all happy because some are going away than new ones show up. i hope the intial breakout doesn't last much longer. the cyst are big and take forever to go away. im hoping in two weeks i can start seeing some improvements
  13. day 23, week 3. two of my nodular type acne have gone down. my forehead seems like its becoming more clear. i think my face may be getting better. sorry for the lack of elaboration.
  14. just started the log, this is my third week. im taking 60 mg day 21, week 3 seems like im experiencing the intial breakout, before my treatment, my skin was maybe 1/2 as bad. seems like im breakout out on my forehead. my checks kind of stayed the same except i gained about a big pimple on each side of my face. chin is clear though like its always been. i wish i could post pictures. it seems like those big round pimples that are under the skin have a really hard time going away. one wen
  15. how high of a dose did they give you? i weigh 130 lbs and im taking 60mg which i thinks its pretty cool the doctor is confident 60 mg isn't too excessive. my last semester of high school, half a year ago was probably the clearest i've been since i was 15 b/c i took minocyclin, but i guess it started coming back after the 6th month. also stress made me break out so i got on accutane. i've been on it for about 3 weeks now and i experience the side effects but results are sketchy at the time.