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  1. So, I know Dan recommends the Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser and that's the one that I intend to get, but which one? There seems to be an "Essentials" one and another one for "Sensitive Skin". Which one is the one that Dan recommends? Which one do you guys use? Anyone have pictures of the proper one so I know what to look for in the store? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, So I'm thinking about starting The Regimen and primarily have pustular acne. A lot of the people doing the regimen seem to have fairly mild acne (i.e. whiteheads and blackheads). So my question is, how well does The Regimen work for papules and pustules? Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I used to use the Cetaphil cleanser back in high school but for the past 5-6 years I haven't used it at all. The only thing I'm doing to really "clean" my face right now is lightly scrubbing with an exfoliating brush that I use every other day in the shower. Would you guys recommend I start using a cleanser again? My acne has started getting worse again because of winter, hence why I'm thinking maybe I should try to add something to my regimen. I do have a fairly oily face which
  4. Hey guys, So, I've been battling acne for the better part of 9 years. I've had episodes where my acne gets better and it's very limited (this always occurs in the summer, when I'm less stressed and getting more sun) but for the most part, it's been an on and off battle. Recently, my acne has started to clear up. I still get some whiteheads/pimples/pustules but for the most part it's not too bad. Now, I'm also trying to gain weight and one of the routine's I'm thinking about trying recommen
  5. Is there any reason why you guys are using Taz at night? I was using it at night as well but switched it to the morning and BP at night since it works with my schedule better (my BP is a wash).
  6. Nope. Did everything the same. In fact, missed drinking ACV a few times just cause we were always doing something so it was hard to stick to my regimen. But other than missing ACV a couple times...nope, nothing changed.
  7. So...I recently went to Australia over Spring Break and I noticed that while I was there, my acne pretty much cleared up. After thinking about it for a bit, I feel that this must have something to do with the weather. It was very warm the whole trip and I got a lot of sun. When I think about it now, my acne always seems to get much better when I go home to Southern California over the summer (I'm in Seattle now). So now I'm beginning to think that there might be some correlation between how much
  8. Hey! So recently I've had a couple big pustules pop up around my chin/mouth area. I've been pretty good about leaving them alone but sometimes there so big that I just can't help myself so I pop 'em. More than once, they have filled up again within 24 hours so that I have another pustule forming. Normally, after I pop 'em, it looks like I have two small whiteheads coming to the surface which then end up forming into a big pustule in a day or two. I'm getting fed up with this so I searched arou
  9. So what I want is nicotinamide/niacinamide? And should I take it once a day before bed? Or 3 times a day? 500 mg?
  10. Hi guys, I've recently been icing incoming pimples to try to keep them down and have noticed that I've started to break out around where I've been icing (mostly my chin). Has anyone else experienced this? If not, do you think there's any correlation? I just put a piece of toilet paper over the ice so that the ice is not directly on my skin. How do you guys cover the ice up? I also use the same piece of ice again (I have a bunch of ice in my fridge in a cup and it just kind of all melts together
  11. Hi, My acne hasn't been too bad as of late. Still a bit red and I'll get whiteheads a couple of times a week. But it isn't so bad. Anyways, recently, the skin around my chin has started to peel a bit. It comes off in rolls. Thats the only way I can really think of describing it. If I put my hand over the peeling skin and just stroke my chin, the skin'll just peel off and roll up like you're rolling a piece of clay into a noodle. Hopefully that gives you some idea of what's happening. It doesn't
  12. Hey, I'm looking for a 2.5% BP face wash that is good. Anyone know of one that you would recommend? My derm recommended the Proactiv one. Anyone tried it? Thank you!
  13. Bio-Oil and Sudocrem seem to be two things that people are raving about. Figure I'm going to try one of them unless someone recommends something else. Which of the two would you recommend? Currently I'm using BP (Duac) and Tazorac. I think I'm going to cut out the BP but stick with the Tazorac. Can I apply these (Tazorac and BO/Sudo) at the same time or should I use at different times of the day? Currently just use Tazorac at night but could move it to the morning and use the other I choose at n