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  1. Your welcome! With how you describe your predicament I think you will benefit. What you should expect from the outcome will probably be 15 to 20percent realalistic improvement you should see after a few weeks. No, and those are probably not blackheads but sebaceous filaments which is just open pore solidified sebum. EVERYone has that till the day they die. Let me guess its little darker gunk that can come off with a swipe of a finger nail downword, yeah you will always have that, sometimes the
  2. Yes, I have had one levulanic acid/blue light treatment and it was after I had several smoothbeam treatments. I liked the outcome, I probably would have got another if I had the $$$. Here is how it goes: first off I had a dermatologist perform it she was very practiced in it. So I arrive she had me wash my face with a good cleanser first then she had me sit in a reclining medical chair where she proceded to take a sponglike exfoliater to remove excess dead skin all over my face then she cleansed
  3. [Does anyone know the proper name for this type of acne and what can I do to put an end to this? It's got me so frustrated! It is called sebaceous filament(open pores with solidified sebum) they will always be their. The only way I've heard of ridding them for good is accutane, other than that just try to keep them under control with nose pore strips. Be careful when picking at the nose because it tends to scar easier especially with keloid type scarring. I've found BP, salcytic acid and ret
  4. I've used Dr. Brandts pores no more. I loved it because what it really is is a tinted cream, but it's more like a bass makeup! It covered all my flaws and keep my face mattified for a good half day. NOT one person ever noticed I was wearing it because I learned how to apply it(learning how to apply makeup is everything!). I started by squezing four pumps into my hand, then took my index finger and placed small bits of it on every single flaw(not rubbing on the flaw just dabbing the flaw). Then w
  5. Glad to see you're doing good! From reading logs and such it would seem letting cold water rinse your face in the shower for about 30secs every three to four days works the best! In other news for thought red bull has just come out with an energy SHOT! What is great about it is that it only has 6grams of sugar(thats only a cube and a half!) and 1GRAM of taurine plus vitamin B3 19mg,vita. B6 4mg, vita. B12 4ug, Vita. B5 4mg, carbs. 6g, 40mg sodium, 25 cal. and 80mgs caffeine(same amont in premium
  6. Thx siava for the compliment last page you have really beautiful pictures to! It seems like everyone is posting thier best pics.
  7. hi jwebb426, Haha, I suppose thats a good thing that you actually look better in your pics considering with most people pics some times make them look ten times worse! I also wanted to mention cyber kinetic exercise(not as futuristic as it sounds). You might want to google it because its basic concept is you use body force against it self to tone and build muscle with doing the least possible damage(unlike regular working out were you have to tear muscle to build it up better). So in short ver
  8. I apologize I should have been a little more clear by "empty stomach" I meant only empty of food what I forgot to say is take it with eight oz.s of water also. I do agree with carmarthenshire takeing it with food will suffice if it upsets your stomach easier than without. Also sorry jwebb426 I did not mean for that to happen to you. I hope you do better! I'll stay posted.
  9. I am no expert but I do know a thing or two about supps. Taurine should be taken on a empty stomach about one hour before or after eating for better asorbtion(i.e. just like lysine,ATP,and many other supps ect...). Why this is or it's specific action I do not know, this is just some of the many things I have consulted dietitions, herbalists, and others about. BTW I have kept up with your log and I will stay tuned. Don't give up on it! Good luck!
  10. Your definatly welcome, I just try to help whenever I can. Each FULL face treatment(partial face treatments cost less) costed me around $400. So in total it came to $2,800 for a three month clearance of most acne(i still had some acne and I've heard of some people getting as many as eleven of these treatments done!).Keep in mind theirs a two week period between each laser session, so even four treatments will take two months to complete. I have to say i'm a poor college student so it was not wor
  11. Hello distress. I have had seven of these treatments! It has taken my acne from severe to very mild(this all was several months ago). From experience it is not worth the money and most people tend to need around six treatments. What is worse is the results only last about three to six months. To answer your question yes you will have to quit doxy two weeks prior to the treatments because of photosensitivity!( i do not know about spiro with it though). All in all just make sure you TELL the laser
  12. KILL her with kindness. Make sure the meaner she gets the nicer to her you are(don't stoop to her level thats what she wants is a reaction from you, but don't give her the pleasure)!
  13. You have made a few mistakes on the start of your journey, do not dwell on them though! Just start anew each day and keep your confidence up and you will do well . I have two scars on my face(they where from picking!). Just a note: Tane makes you scar more easy than before when you are futher in treatment. BTW I think pale or lighter skin is more beautiful(like motisha addams)
  14. Dear 3.14 Before I am done haunting the board tonight I just had to say you really remind me of Lydia Deets!!!! BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE (Darn! It did'nt work ) P.S. With the amount of Tane you will be taking the tyming of when to take it will probably be the least of your concerns... Good luck though!