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  1. As they say, you should cure your acne first, and later the redmarks. ACV is very effective in stopping acne, and it heals any active one fast (in my experience)
  2. I am a bit surprised that Microdermabrasion has lots of negative reviews I had my first try last week (I only tried, so the procedure was not in "full power" I will have my real first session next week) but even if it was just a try, my redmarks decreased by probably 30% already... By the way, almost all of my redmarks are just 3 months old (just result of the worst breakout I ever experienced, but I am clear now ) Maybe this procedure is only effective for redmarks that are not old? Or ma
  3. Wynne, Sorry, I am little confused with the style of the forum. I will edit my post
  4. That's also my case, I don't have a single pimple but my face looks bad I tried microdermabrasion (diamond peeling) and I can say it's very effective, my red marks have decreased to probably 30-40 % in just 1 try. There are lots of negative reviews about this procedure here in the forum though
  5. Hmmm, I am not sure how long i had an initial breakout (since I have acne while using ACV)... Yes, ACV is the BEST thing to make pimples dry up fast (in my opinion) :D
  6. Yeah, you're absolutely right. My derm just wants to make money for sure. Because of this, I don't think I will ever go back to her clinic. Oh, I remember, my derm and her assistant told me that Isotretinoin is just like a vitamin (okay, it's derived from vitamin A, but it's no way just a regular vitamin as these people say ) Yes, I will never take this drug. The side effects are just too scary (especially to a pharmacist like me, who are often scared of taking even a simple drug ) Apple
  7. My skin got clear after 3 months of using ACV, and it didn't help with my red mark (actually I think it makes red marks worse) I don't know, maybe people's skin has different reactions to ACV
  8. To everyone who used ACV for redmarks... How much Water : ACV proportion do you use? I followed the advices that I read here, at first I used 3 parts water to 1 part ACV for about a month or so, I noticed very minimal improvement. Because I still have acne the time I started with this regimen (and I still break out while on the regimen) I thought that maybe it's better to increase the proportion to 1:1 and leaving the solution for 1 hour in my face, finally after a month of doing this I was
  9. Hello, I'm new in this board but I have been reading threads here for a couple of months now... I suffered from mild acne since I was 14 or so. It's persistent, but I don't pay much attention to it since it's not very bad. Here's the story. I was in a cold country for 3 months, there I just had a few pimples (but there are weeks when I am clear) but when I went back home (my country is very humid and hot) I had a bad break out! I never experienced something like it before, I had quite severe