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  1. I am sure it is normal to feel this way, but we can't let this hold us back.
  2. Does the pill also help with excess facial hair or hair in other places women should not have due to hormonal imbalance? I been on diane and yasmin before, but did not see much improvement with hair growth, places where men usually have.
  3. How long does it take for the pill to balance hormones? I have heard of women who stopped taking it for five or seven years and all the symptoms they had before came back, such as excessive facial hair and hair in other places that women should not have in large amounts or have at all. Can this occur and is this something one has to take for many years? Also, what would happen if women don't treat this condition of hormonal imbalance?
  4. I guess this just proves that there are alot of ignorant people.
  5. Not seeing a dermatologist at the moment. I have to some before and nothing came out of it, but probably will have to see one soon.
  6. Yes! It is just the way it is. I usually don't care what others think of me though and maybe you should'nt too.
  7. I also have dark skin, and have hyperpigmentation. I was also told that I am too dark for laser treatment, however don't know what to believe since when you google fraxel laser, it states that it can be used on all skin colours such as dark skin, so now I am not sure on what to believe. I have had chemical peels before and it is not worth the time or money/apart from other treatments. I guess maybe because previously lasers were only used on light skin and also because many dermatologists don
  8. Thanks for the advice. Yeah, it is hard enough to find makeup/foundation for my skin colour since being dark as well as is such a drag using makeup which I have been for endless years to cover up my scars and pigmentation. The problem I have is that the makeup is too dark or too brown and does not make me to look any better, but I would try some of the products listed and hopefully find something for my skin colour.
  9. Do people of colour or dark skin on this site have a problem getting foundation to match your skin tone? I have a huge problem with this one. I have severe facial scarring and hyperpigmentation on my entire face, it is literally black patches everywhere, that I can never stay without makuep, but I can't get the right colour foundation since it is too brown or too dark.
  10. People might feel this way because we are used to seeing attractive people in the media, but we should not feel like this anymore, since we are all unique.
  11. I am referring to facial hair for instance, hair that males have due to women having hormonal imbalance. I heard of something called hirsutism, not sure exactly what it is but think it is closely related to it. I am not taking any medication at the moment however.
  12. Does any female here have this issue? If so, what treatments did you have? I have heard of a condition called hirsutism, but not sure exactly what it is? I heard that hormonal imbalance in women can cause this to occur.
  13. Is the starlux laser different from fraxel laser? Can it be used on all skin colours?