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  1. Can you find this in any stores? Does it make you break out at all?
  2. im gonna bump this 2 help some people out
  3. Well your face will most likely get a redder tone while on accutane. I guess they call it "tane burn?" I do have quite alot of marks, a couple I picked though =[ Your skin is really fragile while on the medication. I bumped my knee on my CD tray on my computer, and got a really swollen looking cut. I burned myself a few times at work, and I still have like two nasty looking scars on my underarm. My marks didnt get worse really, and they are supposed to fade much faster while off accutane, tha
  4. I had alot of nosebleeds, I really never used any vaseline though, so it's kind of my fault. Lips were bad, and I hated using aquaphor in school because it looked like I had lip gloss on, ha. My skin got terribly dry, especially on my arms. Don't take hot showers because then your arms get awful. I got a nasty rash on my right wrist that would come and go unless I moisturized all the time. Get Cetaphil moisturizing CREAM (not lotion). It works wonders, and lasted me the whole treatment. Glob it
  5. I did once on a college visit. Drink a TON of water. Try not to take your pill like a 24-48 hour frame. Don't overdo it. Hangovers will last forever.
  6. I finally finished my 5 month course this morning, and what a great feeling it is. I have no before pictures because I really tended to not take pics for obvious reasons. My confidence is soaring, even though I still have a few red marks. My derm gave me some cream that she said will help. She also said she's going to prescribe a low dosage of tetracycline (or one of those cyclines, lol) that helps with redness. I'm gonna upload some pics in a few, but if anyone has any questions, I'd really li
  7. Cetaphil moisturizing CREAM, not the lotion. Use alot at night before you go to bed and then just enough in the morning because it can make you look kinda greasy. I always just pat my face dry if it does. It really does work though. My face is smoother and less dry than it was before accutane. I have no dry or flaky patches either.
  8. I've been having a few cystic breakouts about 4 weeks through and my doctor prescribed me prednisone. I originally took 10mg 3x a day for five days. I was supposed to take erytromyacin (sp?) with it but it gave me terrible gut wrenching pain. He gave me another 28 pills (2 a day for a week, 1 a day for the second week, the one every other day). 6 Days through my skin is amazing. I have about 2 dried up cysts and the rest of my face is completely smooth, just red marks. I've been getting complime