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  1. again not entirely correct; less and less girls are attracted to the bulked, abnormally muscular look. It's of great benefit(not always though) to have a well trained body, most girls still like that, rather than some fat lazy slob(I'm sorry I have to use that term, I don't mean to offend anyone!), plus you know how the stereotype goes: big muscles - small brain... you stick to your guitar! I do both, weightlifting and guitar playing, but neither of the two because I'd want to impress women,
  2. There you have it - girls ADORE guitarists, especially if you can play AND sing! I know that cause I had a schoolmate in high school that used to get "into girls' hearts" like that - very sophisticated:) again, good luck man! bye
  3. lol at first I thought you were talking about me, got scared for a moment!
  4. I think you've got it all wrong - friends? How can you say you want to be friends if your previous statement was they only take advantage of you(and mock you behind your back etc.). I know this, but I always stood away from this kind of people anyway. People like this don't really have FRIENDS, they just think they do, don't be blind! Those girls are good for a one night stand, TOPS! Rich stuck-up ho's My suggestion would be - try to score, multiple times if possible, if you don't and you were
  5. don't be screwing around with testosterone, many people(i.e. bodybuilders) who take synthesized testosterone tend to break out - BAD. About your idea, I think it's ok, though you'd still be feeling the pimples(if you have cysts) but I think it's better for one's self esteem to look in the mirror and not see pimples, no matter if they feel them or not...i'm babbling again, sorry bye
  6. Yes that's right, no protein-no muscle mass, that's a fact. You also have to have all the other food groups wired, but protein is pretty much the most important, cause it is the building blocks muscle is made of! bye
  7. p.s.: is that you in your avatar? you're sexy supreme, so the whole of you must be twice that:)
  8. Since you're saying that in such an "enthusiastic" manner:) I would strongly suggest you try a strict non-dairy diet, be very careful with ALL food products(I never knew POTATOE CHIPS contain whey powder weird) and try it for 2 weeks, if you don't see any improvement, then dairy is most likely not your "sin" bye
  9. lolz does it really say that? Well I don't have much experience with whey powders(since I've given up dairy as a main protein source) but any fool would know that this is practically impossible(w/o sters), do people really believe that?! funny shit, word
  10. Yeah mastrubation is good, sex is even better, but I cannot make a plausible statement about wheter it has something to do with breakouts. However I would like you 2 bodybuilders(or more, I don't know how many of us there are here) to consider laying of dairy protein TOTALLY for some time(if interested, please read my post - the long one, it's quite a lot of text and I don't feel like writing it again). I would give it some time, like a month, though, it worked instantly for me, it was like I f
  11. If you are bodybuilding and using whey protein powder,please consider reading my post(it's quite long and I don't feel like re-writing it for the second time) but in a nutshell it goes something like that: -I was almost excessively using whey protein, very few other sources of protein - I broke out for a year and a half, even after I laid off the whey -I quit ALL dairy for about 3 months(a VERY long time if you like fruit youghurts, ice cream, milk, cheese,...) and then (accidentally) tried
  12. I had that situation - there was a girl who I thought of as the sexiest girl I've ever seen...now, I first saw her in the 1st grade of high school(we go to HS at 14-15 and we have 4 grades) and during summer break of the 3rd grade we were really talking alot and she also worked in a bar near our flat and me and my friends were there every day - I had reliable info, that she liked me and wanted to date me, well, not long term probably but you know where I am going... I had one VERY NASTY pimple o
  13. Hey man, I know it's none of my business and I agree, your situation sucks, but... drugs aren't good for you, acne or no acne, if you're taking ecs. or speed or anything like that you could end up having serious trouble. I've never been on Accutane so I don't know what it's like, but I had to post this, cause I just hate it when I see 13yo kids in my home town pushin' it or takin' some stupid pills, grass is ok or at least acceptable, everything else is like a box of candy:you never know what yo
  14. Yeah, same thing I was going through(please don't bash me now, I've had acne for about a year and a half and I became 100% asocial - I wouldn't go anywhere with my friends, though none of them were giving me s**t about my face).I am so happy it stopped(or better I made it stop - see my post) I am the new-old self again. However I do feel your pain and though you say even 100% clearing wouldn't help you, I hope you get better soon! Good luck and try to keep your head up - I know, it's hard! bye