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  1. Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to this forum. I do alot more reading, then I do writing. Anyway so a little background... 1. I used to have acne in the past, but they were generally whiteheads some big some small and sometimes close together. 2. My mum had quite bad acne for most of her life and at the age of 51 still gets one or two. 3. I took dalacin C but it only worked for as long as I took it. 4. I took Accutane (Decutan) and it worked WONDERS for about 3 years or so. Present day - I am n
  2. Thanks for answering. Btw just incase i didnt make myself clear.... my mother still has the severe acne :/
  3. Has anyone heard of Decutan? Or has any one used it? Please share your personal expirience! Thanks alot!!