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  1. No, it won't clog pores. It's incredible.
  2. Or maybe they just don't share your opinion. No doubt that's true in some cases, but many people probably fear offending the OP or hurting her self-esteem. You really can't deny that: a) men are more appearance-oriented than women are (it's a fact of evolution I'm afraid) and; b) scars and acne contribute to a less desirable appearance for most people (also a scientific fact based on symmetry and perceived health) (To the OP: I'm not suggesting you're unattractive at all; pleas
  3. If I'm being completely honest, then yes, I do find girls with scarring and acne to be less attractive than those without. It's just a fact of life; perfect skin is attractive. It is generally accepted that men are much more concerned with physical appearance than women are. This is the unfortunate reality despite what people in this thread indicate. That being said, I think you're actually very pretty... You have beautiful eyes and you look like you take good care of yourself. This is real
  4. Looking forward to seeing the before/after pics.
  5. I would imagine that the maintenance dose would have something to do with the persistent redness. 10mg a day is still a decent amount of Accutane over a long period. Perhaps once you stop taking Accutane altogether for a period of time (ie. 6 months) the redness and scarring will begin to fade.
  6. You might want to check out whether or not the lotion is comedogenic or oil-based. You don't want to put anything oily on your skin as it might cause you to break out.
  7. I pretty much stopped breaking out sometime in early January, but that's the only real "in between" picture I took. I didn't take any pics between October and February because there was very little progress to show. Anyway, thanks to all for the replies and good luck on your own personal acne-fighting journeys
  8. Starrygirl... ...It's temporary. Unfortunately it almost always gets worse before it gets better. Eventually, you'll notice that the number of new pimples appearing will slowly begin to decrease. Then, you'll notice that the pimples don't get as big or last as long. It's a very gradual process, but eventually you'll end up with significantly improved skin. I don't know how long it'll be - maybe days, maybe months - but improvement will come eventually. I just posted some pictures in ano
  9. Hi all. Some of you may remember me from my "5th Course of Accutane" thread about 7 months ago. Just thought I'd post a few pictures showing the progress. October 18, 2008 February 4, 2009 Yesterday (May 14) I think there's been a fairly significant improvement, and I can finally shave without worrying about exposing my bad skin or my scars. Hopefully this will show those of you who are just beginning Accutane than there is hope and you can expect to see your skin begin to c
  10. You can bring containers of liquid up to 75ml I believe. I use a little travel size moisturizer and take that with me. I had a 9 hour flight recently... just drink a decent amount of water and moisturize when possible. You'll be fine.
  11. A "typical" dose of Accutane is around 120mg per kg of bodyweight. Sometimes it will be higher, very occasionally it will be less. You weigh 74kg. In your first month, you consumed 1200mg. Over the next 6 months, you will consume 10,800mg. The total dose is 12,000mg. Thus, your total dose is 162mg/kg. This is quite a high amount, but it's nothing abnormal from what I've read. Keep in mind that the higher the dose, the less chance of a remission in the future. IMO, if the side effects ar
  12. What is the longest amount of time you've been on Accutane? What was your dose? How much do you weigh? When you say "on and off" it makes it sound like you've been on for a couple months, then stopped when your acne was gone. For some people, Accutane needs to be taken in large doses at one time to be effective. As for the birth control, sorry, can't help... I was born with a Y chromosome
  13. It definitely dries out the skin, but then again you don't want to be dirty and greasy. I recommend showering or bathing (whichever you prefer) once per day. Anything more is probably overkill. That being said, bathing twice a day probably isn't going to make you breakout, it'll just make your skin drier.
  14. The reason people aren't put on Accutane before other treatments is because it's a very powerful drug with the potential to have severe side effects. It is a "last resort" for people with moderate and severe acne. Also, Accutane is incredibly expensive. A single month, without insurance, can cost $200-400 depending on your dosage. You might benefit from oral antibiotics. I took Bactrim (called Septra in the U.S.) and it *completely* cured my acne for the duration I was on it. There are oth
  15. *** MOD EDIT - Removed potential inflammatory material in order to keep this post within the guidelines set forth for this particular thread. *** I am currently on my fifth course of Accutane. When I began my first course in 2001 as a 14-year-old, I had extremely severe cystic acne. My face, neck, throat, chest, and back were all covered with acne. I had absolutely no self confidence whatsoever. To be perfectly honest, I hated my life. Within two months of beginning Accutane, my acne bega