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  1. i was just wondering.. why do people scar differently? looking through everybody's pictures and such, it's strange that scarring can take many different forms. ice picks, jagged, huge rolling, circular craters, etc. and it seems like, for the most part, that most of us suffer primarily from a certain type. why is this? we all have skin and we all have acne? are there certain types of acne that causes certain types of scarring? sorry, it's 3 am and i'm rambling, but it makes me wonder why certain
  2. tca, all the way. they look pretty deep though. how deep would you say they are?
  3. dddram, you speak intelligent words. i wish youre always this opinionated I went to Dr. Lam last month and talked to him about silicon injections for my rolling scars. Sadly I was not a candidate (he said I was not bad enough) but I know that I could use some. It seems promising.
  4. I'm a male 21 year old. Grew out of acne probably my senior year in high school, around 18 years old. I wouldn't say my acne was too bad, possibly moderate, but the only thing that worked for me was accutane. I'm very surprised that my dermatologist prescribed it to me, as I did not have a serious case, but I'm glad he gave it to me. It cleared me up within months. Since then I haven't had a pimple. Maybe the occasional zit but that comes around once in a blue moon.
  5. yes, thanks for getting my back, Wynne. Rentstuff, I am Asian and I've had TCA cross done, you moron. Read my last post carefully so all the big words don't get lost in your head as you read.
  6. tca cross. fo sho. and those aren't that deep, i dont know what jimsta is talking about.
  7. ya, i wouldn't recommend tca cross for dark skin, i think asian and hispanic skin is as dark as derms and plastic surgeons are willing to go. like wynne said, though, needling in theory treats scars the same way that tca cross does, injuring the skin and allowing it to repair itself with new skin. not to mention i have seen great results from needling and dermarolling. whatever you do, if you do tca cross, don't do it at home by yourself. have a licensed physician do it for you, regardless of co
  8. i feel u. i force myself to NOT look or i'm in a bad mood for the rest of the day. im no fun to be around when im in a bad mood, so for the sake of those around me, i don't look in reflections.
  9. depth, width and number were all minor in his opinion. i will definitely keep you posted on recovery.
  10. post some pics and we can take a look for u
  11. oh and if anybody is thinking of visiting him, make sure you stay at the ALOFT PLANO hotel. If you go to the front desk and ask for the medical rate they will give you a 50 percent discount, which was HUGE for me, since I was tight on cash. A night goes for 70 bucks. The hotel is unlike anything I've been to before. It is very contemporary and modern, colorful, and I hate to use the word "hip" since it makes me sound old (I'm only 21) but that best describes it. There's a free shuttle that takes
  12. Hey everybody. I had a consultation with Dr. Lam yesterday. Many of you here have already heard of this brilliant man, as he is a popular doctor on acne.org. During my visit, I was very nervous but his extremely nice staff made me feel right at home. When I saw him I kinda felt like I was meeting a celebrity since I've visited his websites numerous times and heard SO much about him on these boards. I flew in a day early (as suggested by many of you on acne.org.) I'm very glad I took your advic
  13. cool thread and great idea. refreshing post.